Scott Walker’s bald spot is newsworthy?!? Really?!?

Can someone explain to me why Gov. Walker’s bald spot is even something that’s newsworthy?

As Gov. Scott Walker was wrapping up his visit Monday with the State Journal editorial board, he joked with cartoonist Phil Hands that Hands draws his ears too big — but said the cartoonist’s portrayal of his bald spot was accurate.

The governor continued.

The bald spot, he said, was the result of a repair incident in the kitchen when he banged his head on an open kitchen cabinet door while making repairs requested by his wife, Tonette.

She kept telling him to go to the doctor to get the scar on his head looked at, he said. When he finally did, the doctor said his hair would never grow back in that spot, the governor explained.

While the fact that Gov. Walker has a bald spot is most definitely not something I believe to be newsworthy, the fact that he felt compelled to come up with an elaborate (and blatant) lie to explain the bald spot shows just how pathological he is.

With far more pressing (and pertinent) issues facing Wisconsin, Scott Walker’s bald spot is the last thing we need to be discussing.


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8 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s bald spot is newsworthy?!? Really?!?

  1. OMG! I’m bald. What blow to my head caused all THAT?
    Walker’s story is ludicrous (what a surprise).

  2. It may be more telling than you think.

    I suggest we have a neurologist provide some insight since the damage to Walker’s head was bad enough to cause baldness–might the damage also be linked to the horrific decisions he has made while serving in the governor’s office?

  3. It is a story to preempt possible future socialite judgments that both he and Tonnette might not be genetically authentic, “blue blood,” enough human physical specimens among the company they envision themselves basking in the glow of, someday.

    “I was the victim of an unfortunate accident, no really, (analogous to another historic fascist horror show) I’m naturally blond and blue-eyed.”

  4. Zach- As you mention, the real story is the fact that Walker feels the need to cover up and lie about being thin on top.

    It’s like when he claimed in interviews that he quit Marquette “to start a family”…when his first kid wasn’t born until 4 years later. Why would you make something up about that? What’s the point, especially when it can be proven false in an instant? As Zach mentions, is it pathological with this guy that he constantly has to cover and deceive, because honest, off-the-cuff comments don’t come easy to him?

  5. Zach, you are right, his baldness should not be a story. But notquite apparently has breaking news. Scott Walker is like Hitler! Spread the word. Hide the Jews and gays!

  6. I dunno, that doesn’t look like a kitchen cabinet kind of hair loss/scar, it’s awfully round and symmetrical, isn’t it? Not like a heroic Tool Time kind of scar, earned honestly with a lot of trips to the hardware store and profanity.
    Looks kind of ‘blunt instrument’-ish to me. A more clever politician would have made up a story about union thugs; instead Wisconsin has George Utley without the charm.

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