Breaking! Shock! Scott Walker to consider run for president in 2016

I’m actually surprised it took Gov. Walker this long to admit he’s going to consider a run for president in 2016.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday he is seriously considering whether to get into the race for president in 2016, but he hasn’t decided yet whether he feels the call to run.

“My personal process is I have to feel like it’s a calling, particularly for the time and the effort and the impact it has on family and friends,” Walker told AP in a telephone interview from Boca Raton, Fla., where he is attending the Republican Governors Association meeting this week. “It’s not something you should yearn for…”

Walker, who won re-election to a second term this month in after becoming the nation’s first governor to defeat a recall in 2012, said it was “pretty obvious” that running for president is something he should consider.

Walker has taken several steps to keep his name in the mix as a potential GOP contender. Walker published a book in 2013 about his effort taking on public unions that spurred his recall election, he’s traveled to Iowa and New Hampshire, and he has courted large conservative donors, including casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

It’s a near-mortal lock that Gov. Walker will mount a campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, but it’s also nearly as certain he’ll be relegated to the back bench of Republican candidates once the shine has worn off him.


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3 thoughts on “Breaking! Shock! Scott Walker to consider run for president in 2016

  1. IMHO, the power brokers behind the GOP, the oligarchs, are afraid of Rand Paul. He’ll go after Wall Street CEO’s. Big Pharma hates him, because they’ll lose a lot of money if pot’s legalized; and the President’s got the power to reschedule it.

    The big defense contractors are worried he’ll pull back from foreign occupations. Big Data, Google, Amazon, Apple, ATT, Verizon…., are all scared that he’ll rein in the NSA/CIA.

    Wish HRC and the other Dems would support him on those issues.

    Unfortunately with Sen. Paul, a lot of other baggage comes along.

    1. What I meant to add is that I think the establishment GOP wants Walker in the race to dilute Rand Paul’s ability to raise money and garner support, particularly early in Iowa and New Hampshire. That speculation and $3 will get you something at Starbucks.

  2. Walker strikes me as a George W. Bush type candidate. He’ll have massive backing from corporate donors, party insiders, Karl Rove types, Fox News, etc. Saying he’ll “quickly be relegated to the back bench of candidates” seems pretty optimistic right now.

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