State Supreme Court Candidate Off To A Bad Start

Rock County Circuit Court Judge James Daley is challenging Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in her campaign for a third term on the state’s high court. Judge Daley started off his campaign with criticism of Justice Bradley…instead of actually helping us get up to speed on who he just might happen to be.

But if he really meant one of his criticisms exactly as he said, he doesn’t belong on the state supreme court:

Rock County Circuit Judge James Daley, who announced in October he was running against Bradley in the spring, in an interview accused Bradley of putting her personal views before those of legislators and the public.

Now I don’t fault Judge Daley for feeling that a justice shouldn’t put personal views into court rulings and proceedings. Not an issue…I assume he avoids that in his circuit court as well.

But like the views of the justices not being interjected into the court’s rulings and proceedings…the views of the legislators and the public have no bearing either.

We expect the Wisconsin State Supreme Court to rule based on law…precedent…the state constitution…and finally the US Constitution. That’s it. Not based on Justice Bradley’s views, Judge Daley’s views, not on the governor’s view, not on any legislator’s view, not on my view…law, precedent, constitutions.

And if you don’t necessarily agree with a justice’s ruling or written opinions…doesn’t necessarily mean that the justice’s personal views are involved…given that the opinions are supported by instances of the law.

If he’s suggesting that views outside the rule of law has any substance in the proceedings of the Wisconsin Supreme Court…he is unfit to even hold court in Rock County!


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1 thought on “State Supreme Court Candidate Off To A Bad Start

  1. While wondering what was up with the Republi-con’s trial balloon talk about setting a mandatory retirement age for WI State Supreme Court Justices (“NOT” to attempt to oust Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, riiggghhhtt) and how that related to the previously announced candidacy of Judge James Daley running against Justice Ann Walsh Bradley the following did come to my mind.

    As capper points out very nicely here: if Abrahamson is legislatively, “aged out,” Walker is free to simply appoint Milwaukee Judge Rebecca Bradley, no muss, no fuss, no messy media evaluation of qualifications, etc, etc.

    Thanks for the notes on Judge Daley.

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