Republican Thugs – Salmonella Edition

Senator Dale Schultz recently said he will be voting against Mary Lazich\'s plan to rig the recall elections. Even though the Lazich plan was illegal anyway, that is a minor detail and drew outrage from the hate right.

Now the righties have have dangerously ramped up their threat to Senator Schultz.

A Wisconsin state lawmaker says he’s sad that someone egged the outside of his state Capitol office.

WISC-TV reports the first-floor office of Republican state Sen. Dale Schultz of Richland Center had splatters of egg on the exterior marble and eggshells on the balcony Wednesday morning.

Schultz says the fact that someone would egg the state Capitol “makes me feel really bad.”

The staff reported the vandalism to Capitol police and said officers came to investigate.

Unlike the unfortunate beergate incident, someone could have actually been hurt. I hope Steve Nass calls on Chief Tubbs for a crackdown of all republican protestors/lobbyists and I anxiously await what Representative Knudson will ban from the capitol to address this serious issue.

Here is a list of dangerous products made from eggs that all have to be banned so the legislators can go back to doing the peoples business and not be distracted or threatened.

* cake
* cookies
* Mayonnaise
* custard
* creme brulee
* hard boiled eggs
* egg salad
* meatloaf
* deviled eggs
* protein shakes
* omelettes
* Frittata
* Crepes
* Muffins
* The Old Fahsion\'s House Burger

Thats going to be a BIG sign! I hope Fox 6 does a story about republicans wearing out their welcome in Madison.


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  1. What’s the cost for cleanup? I demand to see the estimate on the back of some DOA hack’s notepad for this one as well!

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