Wisconsin Uprising – The (previously censored)Art Show!

Recently, Steve Nass and his spokesman got wind that the UW School for workers was putting on an art show. They then went into their extreme partisan frenzy and went there, and after some threats of pulling funding, made them cancel the show.

The University of Wisconsin’s School for Workers was planning on hosting an “Art in Protest” festival on campus next month.

Now it’s been canceled.

One Republican lawmaker in Wisconsin, Representative Steve Nass, who has been a longtime thorn in the university’s side, was unhappy about the exhibit, and his chief of staff, Mike Mikalsen, gave an earful to the director of the School for Workers last week, suggesting that the exhibit could imperil the school’s funding.

So lets look at this a little more closely. <a href='http://foxtrot-echo.blogspot.com/2007/09/rep-nass-puppet-

regime.html’>NO, not this(although someone should), but the realities of this art festival.

“There are people from both sides of the issue who are paying taxes, and the question was whether this was an appropriate activity for the university,” Mikalsen tells The Progressive

Yes there are and we can not spend money here we need the money to pay for the republican lawyers and their redistricting fiasco.

Mikalsen says he also told Olson that some of the protests against Gov. Walker and the Republicans had gotten out of hand, and if something like that happened at the exhibit, “the consequences of that kind of activity would fall on the extension. They would have to own it.”

Does anyone see the irony of Mikalsen trying to stir up emotions and anger against the people who oppose Scott Walker while playing innocent bystander? I know that, he knows that, republican thugs have been causing a majority of the violence. Also, when is the last time a republican lawmaker “owned” anything?

I followed up with Labor Cartoonist and UW School for Workers Adjunct professor Mike Konopacki today and found out some more information.

First off, the publicity that they far right extremist team Nass heaped upon this art show is priceless. Not only do they have a new venue(Goodman Community Center) and a new date (March 9-10).

Michael Duffy, a local graphic artist who was involved with putting together the original event, said plans were finalized Monday afternoon to hold the “Censored Art Show” March 9-10 at the Goodman Community Center, 149 Waubesa St. Space at the center is being rented out by artists who are determined to keep the festival alive.

“It’s just going to be a grassroots, down-and-dirty exhibit at the Goodman Center,” says Duffy. “We’ve invited people to show up Friday morning (March 9) and then we’ll just figure out how to display it on the fly.”

A poster for the arts event asks people to bring their “signs, songs, music, personal expression and outrage!”

So the show must go on, and thanks to the partisan witch hunt, ridiculous threats and hatred of the arts, this event is now more popular then ever. The sunlight shown on this event by the Nassties has only shown us now that people are aware of this event they are interested in it. Thanks to them for this but there are still some loose ends to tie up.

It’s an arts festival designed to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Wisconsin uprising,” Nass spokesman Mike Mikalsen said last week of “Art in Protest.”

“Well, maybe here in Madison that’s a great thing,” he said. “But there are lots of Republicans and conservatives around the state who are still very angry about that whole thing. We just suggested that now, with all the tensions that still exist, this may not be the appropriate time for this arts festival” to be put on by a publicly funded arm of the UW System.

When Mikalsen, watchdog for the taxpayer, stopped this event, how much “tapayer” money are we talking here? “UW School for Workers gave us seed money of $2000” says Konopacki, “but we were charging a registration fee and raising money with donations to cover that cost, so in the end it might not have cost the School anything”. With Wisconsin facing a $2 billion plus deficit and the illegal redistricting costing taxpayers $1.3 million and counting, it is nice to know that Mike Mikalsen and Steve Nass are working hard to save us a couple hundred dollars.

Finally Mike Konopacki wanted to make one more point. “The threat of violence could be the most laughable of the whole thing. When was the last time you have ever heard of an art riot?”

Well Mr. Konopcki, I have a feeling that there will be one on March 9-10 at the Goodman Community Center showing support.

PS: join their facebook page here.

PSS: Let’s help these watchdogs out! Please email Rep. Steve Nass or Mike Mikalsen anytime you see a liberal doing anything in the public domain. They will immediately dispatched to stop that.

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14 thoughts on “Wisconsin Uprising – The (previously censored)Art Show!

  1. Perhaps someone will prepare of a work of art celebrating that remarkable creature, Steve Nass. Here are some ideas:

    – A Steve Nass pinata full of monopoly money that children can whack with sticks.
    – A sculpture of his head with a cut-away view showing nothing inside but cobwebs and a tiny lizard sitting in a shot glass.
    – Or for the truly ambitious, a Steve Nass whack-a-mole game.

  2. Nice update. However the link to the old Chief post is wonky AND “normal” people can’t SEE The Chief’s (i see foxtrot-echo in the link there) blog anymore (even old stuff, as you have linked to here requires “permission”) unless you go to Google Cache. Which would be an enormously long link. So unless you are just wanting to show that YOU are among the Glitterati who are invited by the Chief, that direct link, even if fixed and posted properly, won’t do non-insiders any good.

    Anyways, I am happy to see the show will occur without censorship elsewhere. I wonder is people would be interested in organizing “satellite” shows around the rest of the state. Though I also suspect that those in smaller towns will be more hesitant to put their names to protest art. There is neither the anonymity nor the protective bubble of a “liberal sub-culture” outside Mad. and Milw. So maybe not. It’s fun enough to know one’s tea party employer is going thru the Recall signature lists, scanning for employee names. I suppose you could just paint a big red target on a t-shirt, wear it, and call the whole thing Performance Art.

    1. Q- I’ve been following The Chief for a few years and I can’t access it anymore either.

  3. Wow, I am having more fun reading these posts. I have learned where you left wing morons come to cry to each other. I will be keeping an eye on you idiots.

    1. Keep up the idiocy and you won’t be keeping an eye on anything.

      If you want to contribute something meaningful to the discussion, so be it. If you’re here to do nothing but troll and hurl insults, find someplace else to go.

  4. @Zach, sorry buddy, I’ve had to sit back and watch you leftists drag this country so far down the crapper and the embarrassing behaviors at our Capitol during the teachers little occupy protests. Well now that I’ve found your little crying corner, I’m here to stay!!!! Muwhahaha!!!!
    Long live the Right Wing, because somebody has to support you who feed from the trough.

  5. AA thanks for coming in here and commenting. Although you would fit better in here: http://bloggingblue.com/2012/02/29/scott-walkers-legacy/

    I just wanted your comment here to show the difference between the two parties. We are trying to celebrate people from all over the state coming together in a common cause and sharing some incredible creativity/

    While you so aptly give us the contrast. Your an internet tough guy who has one goal in mind that is to try and knock others down so you can feel good about yourself. WHich is also why you need to continually ramp up the attacks because you have yet to actually feel good about yourself so you think the more hate the better. Tip: how did that work for breitbart?

    You say you served in the military. You might have been enlisted, but you have yet to serve. This is not a heroe’s attitude its an attitude of an ignorant coward.

    Maybe you can go to the VA and get some taxpayer funded help and come back and apologize in a few months.

  6. @Jeff, You are right, I was enlisted and we never consider ourselves heroes for what we needed to do. But I do know, that the men, women and children thanked us for freeing them from an oppressive government and allowing their kids to grow up free. So, I have seen what big government will do to its people and its horrible. You just haven’t had the clarity to see what you are doing to this country.

    1. AA who exactly did you free from an oppressive government and allow their kids to grow up free??? I must have missed that. By the way you mis read what I wrote. I did not just say you werent a hero i said you never served your country. You might have been enlisted but when you are so filled with such misguided hate you definitely are not serving your country in any way imaginable.

      Also, I have seen what big government does also and do not like it. The invasion of Iraq, Medicare part D, Patriot Act, etc…are alll HUGE government that I was against from the beginning.

  7. What you know about our conflicts could fill an encyclopedia. Panama, Grenada, Lebanon, Bosnia just to name the few I was involved in. My roll was EOD ( explosive ordnance disposal) we disarmed thousands of land mines and various explosives. Local families in each of these countries were harmed by these and we were thanked many times over for making their homes safe again. What you don’t know about my service is; I volunteered at local orphanages, churches and refuge camps, trying in some small way to help the innocent regain their lives back. In regards to your big government comment, if you have nothing to hide, then you need not fear the Patriot Act, Medicare part D, I’m not that old yet, but I will be responsible for my future and will never look for handouts. I have taken responsibility for the choices in my life, fixed what needed fixing and planned for my future. In a free country such as ours, we have the ” Right to pursue happiness” Not the guarantee of happiness. GOD forbid that our shores are ever invaded, you and your kind will need Patriots to protect your freedoms that you so easily take for granted. Enough said, I’m sure we could never see eye to eye, but just sleep well tonight knowing that people like me are willing to pay with our lives to keep people like you free to ruin our values, morals and country.

    1. Ok Colonel Jessup…whatever you say. its obvious you were too busy watching movies and not enough time reading the paper or watching the news.

      I find it telling of you that you whine about big government and then say if you have nothing to hide, then you need not fear the Patriot Act, It shows that you really have no idea what you are talking about.

      Please keep coming here and attacking us so the rest of the state can see a “typical walker supporter” in action.

      What do we have to look forward to next? Top Gun quotes?

  8. I tried to explain to you what I’ve done on a singular level, my small part DID matter to those we protected. I didn’t need to read the papers because I was there in a capacity you can’t understand. I did help, you just whine about not getting more handouts from the same government you despise. If you want to help, then do something to improve YOUR life and stop expecting others to bail you out when you screw up. Take responsibility for the choices you’ve made, if your life sucks, it your fault, not mine and those of us who have been supporting your lazy ass are tired of it. The times are a changing. See you on election day 🙂

    1. I see so its reading comprehension where you are lacking. I am sure you did do a small part in helping people thanks to the socialist military we have in the US. They thank you for that. However I was referring to the rest of your dribble in your response where you showed your ignorance in what any of the programs i mentioned actually do and the fact that you lack an understanding of the Constitution.

      I will say however that NO ….i Dont need YOU on that wall…

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