Is Sheriff Clarke In Uniform?

For some reason that seems completely unfathomable, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke testified at a confirmation hearing for President Barack Obama’s nominee for attorney general, Loretta Lynch. You can see a short article HERE at JSOnline. There is certainly a story to be found in this but I don’t have time to work that out at the moment. And I can’t copy the photo back to Blogging Blue…but take a moment to click through and check out the good Sheriff at the hearing. Is that an official Milwaukee County Sheriff’s uniform or something from a former Soviet republic? Is he suggesting that he is the equivalent of a four star general? Are those battle ribbons above his pockets? Or is he auditioning for the remake of Dr. Strangelove?


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13 thoughts on “Is Sheriff Clarke In Uniform?

  1. On the uniform… meh. Google Image search shows that he usually wears 4 stars on each shoulder. Today, the stars were just much larger and shinier than usual.

    The story from his testimony is that he was kinda acting like a proxy for the Ferguson PD…
    – chastising AG Holder for sharing his personal story of being racially profiled, which somehow gave support to “cop-haters across America”
    – talking about how police need to be able to “forcibly bring people into custody” to uphold the rule of law, but not really acknowledging the distinction between reasonable use of force and shooting unarmed people to death
    – saying that there is no need for any federal standards for police training (obviously the status quo is working great!)

    My favorite line of his was probably just a throw-away:
    “Without (law enforcement officers), our communities would collapse into utter chaos.”
    …Isn’t he the one who’s been telling us not to call on law enforcement, but rather just shoot our way out of the chaos?

  2. Just saw Sherriff Clarke on the television at the RNC. What is it with this guy? Four (4) stars on each shoulder??? Does he make up his own uniforms and medals?? Is there a recognized category of “the four (4) star Sherriff”, that I am unaware of or is he just a kook??

  3. I just died reading this. We are watching the RNC, and I found this post trying to find what the heck is up about the jacket he’s wearing tonight!

  4. Honestly, I don’t get Clarke’s uniform, it’s unlike any police officer or sheriff I’ve seen. It looks like a throwback military uniform, and I question his ego in relationship to what he wears.

  5. What f’n ignorance I am reading here, or is it jealousy? Try reading about the man’s historic career, and shut your ignorant piehole. One star represents a 4 year elected term inoffice. Its like a “hashmark” for 4 yrs military service. Try reading about the man’s career. I doubt any of you making these stupid comments have accomplished 1/10th of what he has.

    1. In the military it’s a “hash mark” for every three (3) years of service, not four. This sheriff is like a banana republic dictator, who do in fact make up all that shiny crap on their “uniform”. If a star equals four years a sheriff with 28 years of service would have seven stars? That would really look ridiculous!

    2. You’re a moron. Go back and look at photos of the guy from 2009 and earlier. He already had the four stars. Do the math.

  6. Clarke was elected in 2002 and has been reelected every 4 years since then. 4 times elected. He has one star for each of the 4 times hes been elected. He has had an amazing career. He has earned each of those 4 starts and would be a really great head of Homeland Security.

    1. I agree. I just became acquainted with this guy – and his 4-stars on shoulders/ flapping medals/ cowboy hat – he’s a clown. Looks like he is a good match for Mr. Thin Skinned President elect T.

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