Report: Russ Feingold to challenge Ron Johnson in 2016

Oh hell yes!

A democratic analyst for NBC 15 says he has heard that Russ Feingold may be thinking about another U.S. Senate run.

Roger Putnam told us tonight that he talked to two sources about Feingold’s future.

There’s word Feingold could leave his current job at the U.S. State Department.


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14 thoughts on “Report: Russ Feingold to challenge Ron Johnson in 2016

  1. Could this be the shot in the arm Wisconsin needs to start returning from the brink of insanity?

  2. A WI State Senator relayed the same information last Saturday, while speaking to a group of Democrats. Considering Sen Feingold’s expertise in foreign affairs, an official announcement from Russ is certainly something to look forward to.

    One and Done would be a good campaign slogan to apply to RoJo.

    1. Yes. let us not forget for a moment, the work before us in dealing with the useful idiots in control of the state right now. Don’t anyone be distracted by, “hope for change.” Been there, lost much.

      Some of the readers here realize how, “well,” that that went for democratic socialism.

      John Peterson got the language correct in defining the real opposition to our, “freedom.”

      1. You’ve described why a refreshed Feingold with fire in his belly is so badly needed. Words like fascism and authoritarianism turn off so many voters who prefer the comfort of the status quo. At his best, he could warn Wisconsinites of dangers and frame policies in persuasive language they related to and understood. If that Feingold reappears, well, 2016 could get really interesting, really fast.

        1. My point was that fascism and authoritarianism aren’t discussed nearly enough nor is the time taken to accurately describe how our Republican majority is feverishly practicing both with their entire “program,” and ALEC based policy. I agree many voters don’t get it and have averse reactions to the terms, though.

          If we get an announcement from Russ, it will be interesting to hear how he might approach campaigning this time around. We’ve already got one troll trying to direct the discussion (below) to tar Russ, ignoring all the positives Feingold stood up for over the years, so we know that a Russ Feingold potentially running, immediately puts the fascist right-wingers on high alert with the mere mention of his name.

          Not going to speculate too much more until he actually goes public with a run.

  3. We can only hope this happens. There’s a lot of corrections that need to be made for the tragedy of November 2, 2010.

    On a related note, I saw (mo)Ron Johnson is planning to try to call up Hillary Clinton again on Benghazi (!) We’ll see if (mo)Ron has actually tried to get a briefing this time, instead of blowing off the meeting like he did the last time Hillary addressed the issue- not that it’ll stop (mo)Ron from thinking he knows something on the issue, because someone at Faux News told him the “real” story.

  4. Sen Feingold can truthfully be painted as the deciding vote for the ACA. The stench of this obamatross around this neck dooms any statewide office run. Sen Johnson 55, Sen Feingold 43, Nutball Third Party Candidate 2.

    1. Sure ACA stinks except for increasing numbers of people covered, decreasing healthcare costs, and added job flexibility whereby a worker can improve their situation without fear of losing medical coverage (i.e., pull themselves up by their own bootstraps). Health outcomes will be well-documented by 2016 and the Democrats learned much from their 2014 debacle. Feingold will own RonJon on this one. Still it doesn’t pay to hope for too much – we have heard talk of a Feingold run before.

    2. Apparently Nemo hasn’t come up to the surface in the last 4 years, because if he had, he’d realize that being someone who voted for Obamacare will indicate guts and wisdom in 2016, especially with millions more now insured and the rise in costs being controlled.

      By comparison, every prediction of DOOM and BUDGET-BUSTING and GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER that Sen. (mo)Ron has tried to throw out there has been DEAD WRONG. That’s the albatross that’ll be hung over the next 22 months.

      If GOPs think they can beat Feingold for being correct on health care, I welcome them to try that strategy.

      1. Jake,

        It’s interesting to note that of the 60 Senators that voted for the ACA, 30 are no longer in office. That’s before the Supreme court called shenanigans on the extralegal nature of the subsidies (coming to panicked progressives this June!) currently hemorrhaging to 33 states.


        God save thee, ancient Senator
        From the fiends, that plague thee thus
        Why look’st thou so ? – With my vote
        I passed the Obamatross.

        Ah. well a-day. what evil looks
        Had I from old and young
        Instead of the cross, the Obamatross
        About my neck was hung.

        -Nemo (with a little help from Samuel Taylor Coleridge).

        1. That’s because the Democrats were too weak willed and limp wristed to actually tout the successes of the ACA and embrace it. Many of those Senators lost in the anti-incumbent backlash that occurred during the last election cycle. Of course, you know that already and are simply being obtuse.

          Have you not noticed lately how Fox News and the rest of the right wing media has basically dropped the “Obamacare is a disaster and doomed to fail” stuff? Maybe you need to find a new script.

          1. MaseMan,

            There were several factors in the destruction of the Dems in 2014. Anti-incumbent backlash was not one of ’em. If it was, the House would have flipped or there would have at least some been progressive gains there. The Dems lost house seats. If election 2014 was about anti-incumbentI backlash, you would have seen some Republican Senators lose seats. None did. You can look past the Obamatross and cite more seats to defend, lower turn out, Presidential Unpopularity and the like (and you would have a bit of a point), but blaming anti-incumbent backlash is just wrong.

  5. Feingold deciding to run would obviously be great, but the DPW can’t keep pinning its hopes on a returning Feingold reinvigorating the party. It seems like a lot of folks have been sitting around for the past four years hoping for Russ to come back.

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