Red to Blue Badgers…The Next Step In Mike Tate’s 72 County Strategy!

From the email box:

By now, you’ve probably heard me talk a lot about our 72 County Strategy, and the work we’re doing in this off-year talking to voters, training our grassroots leaders, recruiting and supporting local candidates and building up a local media presence — work that will not only help all Democratic candidates win in 2014, but will help us build our long-term strength for 6, 8 and 10 years down the road.

Today I’m proud to announce a new initiative as part of our 72 County Strategy called “Red to Blue Badgers.”

The Red to Blue Badgers program is about empowering Democratic candidates in traditionally deep red districts by supporting them with resources and infrastructure required to run successful campaigns. Find out more about our commitment to helping candidates all over the state by downloading our Red to Blue Badgers program plan.

Candidates running in historically conservative districts face a number of challenges — time, money, planning, not to mention the opposition they face in the district. We want to help out the candidates who have shown they are willing to make a commitment to running a great campaign by ensuring access to tools and resources we have not been able to provide in the past.

By committing to certain benchmarks like creating field and finance plans, and going through campaign or candidate training like Camp Wellstone, Red to Blue Badgers candidates will be guaranteed access to voter databases, get assistance in fundraising and have a political coordinator available for day-to-day campaign assistance.

We’re really excited to get started, and start flipping some of these districts from red to blue. Read more about our Red to Blue Badgers program: Download the plan today.




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