You Want Free Effective Voter ID?

I don’t imagine the Republicans in Madison would buy into this proposition…but there is a way to provide effective protection of the vote and the identification method would be absolutely free to the voter…although the state would probably have to provide a database of voters (which they should be doing already – the types of fraud actually perpetrated in the last few elections wouldn’t have been prevented by the pending voter id law but might have been with an effective active statewide voter database).

But simply put…when you register to vote you leave a fingerprint…when you vote you leave a fingerprint instead of signing the log…and those without a purple finger didn’t vote…just a bit of peer pressure to improve voter turnout? Well maybe! LOL!

A version of this has been effectively real world tested in a democracy that we’ve carefully nurtured: Iraq!

Iraqi Voters


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2 thoughts on “You Want Free Effective Voter ID?

  1. Wisconsin has a statewide voter database called SVRS that has been helpful in catching and prosecuting instances of double-voting. What you’re talking about is having access to that database live at polling places, i.e., an electronic poll book. That could be a significant challenge, given there are thousands of polling places, many in parts of the state without high-speed internet access.

  2. thanks George, but actually I am not…I am suggesting that the municipalities have a way to purge/maintain their voter lists and note when a voter appears to be registered at more than one location…and I am suggesting finger prints which would be impossible to verify instantly.

    And maybe if we are laser focused on jobs and want to help Wisconsin small business, maybe we need to spend some time and money on rolling high-speed internet access to more of the state…

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