“Democrat” Dan Adams badmouths possibility of 2016 Senate run by Russ Feingold (VIDEO)

UPDATE: After posting the original piece, I was contacted by someone with knowledge of Chris Abele’s intentions, and it was made clear Chris Abele has absolutely no intentions of running for the United States Senate in 2016.

During a February 22 appearance on Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes, Democrat (seemingly in the loosest definition of the word) Dan Adams took an opportunity to share his “winners and losers” in Wisconsin politics, and he took that opportunity to badmouth former Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold, who is widely rumored to be a sure thing to challenge incumbent Republican Sen. Ron Johnson in 2016.

Watch for yourselves.

As noted by capper at Cognitive Dissidence, Adams’ attack on Russ Feingold may not have been accidental, as Milwaukee County Executive (and friend of Dan Adams) Chris Abele may be considering challenging Sen. Johnson in 2016.

I can’t speculate about how strongly Chris Abele is considering a run for the United States Senate in 2016, because I haven’t heard rumors that he’s considering a run. However, if Abele is strongly considering a run, having a surrogate tear down Russ Feingold certainly doesn’t seem like a smart strategy. After all, Feingold is an iconic figure among progressives in Wisconsin, and Democratic primary voters aren’t likely to vote for a candidate like Chris Abele – who has a very mixed record on issues important to Democrats – over a true progressive like Russ Feingold.


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13 thoughts on ““Democrat” Dan Adams badmouths possibility of 2016 Senate run by Russ Feingold (VIDEO)

    1. Unfortunately he’s not a pariah, because there are some who still think that despite how horrible he is on labor issues (much like Chris Abele), he’s sufficiently liberal on other issues.

      Mind you, I’m not one of those people, but I know they’re out there.

  1. Abele has been talking about running for Senate since 2012 and has been trying to maneuver Kind out of the race.

    1. Like I noted in my update to the original post, I’ve been told Abele will not be running for RoJo’s seat and is actually prepared to endorse Russ Feingold.

      Obviously I could have been given bad information, but regardless I simply can’t see Chris Abele besting Russ Feingold in a Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate.

      1. He may have made that decision recently, but as recently as last year he was taking a look at what a US Senate race would look like and exploring the possibility to run. A lot of things can change in 6 months, like the popular former US Senator deciding to run.

  2. I don’t pretend to be a democratic insider but rather a person who is extremely democratic in my politics. Senator Johnson is a hyper-partisan embarrassment; he needs to go! My response to the possibility of Senator Feingold running for his old seat is disappointment and dismay. Although he was an effective senator, he’s old news and was defeated by Senator Johnson once already. Let’s not run a re-tread again; it’s sort of like Jeb Bush re-cycling James Baker, among others, as advisors. Isn’t there a democratic fresh face who could challenge Senator Johnson? How about Kathleen Vinehout or Ron Kind?

    1. With you here, well sort of, MWAR,

      Feingold should be considering a primary against Hillary. Stir the freaking pot and awaken the populist interest that has not voted recently because of no real candidate on the ticket who might actually represent we the people, with past proven populist record of governance. Long time MENA expert for starters on the foreign policy front. The US Senate is a waste of his talent and knowledge.

      Feingold knows the Washington power structure and would be a formidable POTUS. How about a genuinely qualified candidate for president from WI?

      Out of Africa, On to the White House.

          1. Maybe, maybe not. Momentum is important as well, ask Mary Burke. Politico is now reporting that he’s leading Iowa.

  3. Has DPW’s strategy been to wait around hoping for Feingold to come back and reignite the party? Sure feels like it.

    1. Made- Seems like it. And I’m very happy that it looks like Russ will be making the plunge (god knows we need his voice), but you’re right that the DPW seems very passive in promoting and developing talent for statewide races.

      It also frees up Kind and Vinehout for 2018’s Guv race.

      1. Yes…and don’t get me wrong…I voted for Feingold and will vote for him again if given the opportunity. I just don’t like that the only excitement in the party lately seems to be “Russ is coming back!” Granted, there hasn’t been much to be excited about, but the party can’t just sit around and hope Feingold and Hillary (or whomever) carry the rest of the state ticket in 2016.

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