Gov. Walker’s proposed budget gets poor reviews from his supporters

This article is a couple of weeks old, but it could be an encouraging sign for those of us who are hoping that some conservatives in our state will finally wake up and realize just how awful Gov. Scott Walker is for our state.

In an area that generally supported Scott Walker in his campaigns for governor, that enthusiasm was absent when two Walker supporters in the Wisconsin Legislature held a listening session in Mauston.

When Republican Rep. Ed Brooks of Reedsburg and Republican Sen. Howard Marklein of Spring Green met with citizens Friday at the Mauston Municipal Building, none of the dozen people at the session voiced agreement with the Republican governor’s budget proposals that had been announced a few days earlier.

The two legislators represent districts that cover two towns and on village in Monroe County and all of Juneau County.

There are pockets of Democratic support in Mauston, but Walker easily carried Juneau County, from which most of the participants at the listening session came. A few of the people who spoke came from Reedsburg and that city voted with a narrow majority for Walker. Still the opinions expressed at the Mauston listening session were opposed to what Walker proposed and were skeptical of the motives of the legislators who held the meeting.

I can only hope that as Gov. Walker lurches further and further to the right in an attempt to woo the ultra-conservative voters who make up the Republican presidential primary base, more and more common-sense conservatives here in Wisconsin will wake up and realize that what he’s doing here in Wisconsin isn’t good for anyone but Scott Walker.


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