Conservative County Supervisor Deanna Alexander keeps it classy!

Via Twitter comes this tweet from conservative Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander:

It’s clear the intended target of Supervisor Alexander’s idiotic tweet was none other than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and when asked if she stood behind her tweet Sup. Alexander said she felt the tweet was appropriate.

Is it really appropriate to refer to the former first lady in this way?

Alexander, a conservative on the left-leaning County Board, thinks so.

She notes that people come up with nicknames for politicians all the time. For instance, former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was dubbed The Governator and ex-President Bill Clinton was known as Slick Willie to his critics — and even some of his supporters.

Alexander, who is considered a possible candidate for the state Senate, said she found it interesting that people have jumped to the conclusion that she was referring to Hillary Clinton when she discussed “Ovary’s campaign.”

What’s truly disappointing is that as I write this, I have yet to see any condemnation of Sup. Alexander’s vile tweet by any of the progressives who have supported her in the past, leaving me to wonder if they support her vile rhetoric.


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7 thoughts on “Conservative County Supervisor Deanna Alexander keeps it classy!

  1. Deanna Alexander is very disrespectful to Ms Clinton as former 1st Lady, Sec’y of State and NY Senator. Maybe Sup Alexander nickname should be funeral fundraiser.

  2. Pretty sad situation all around. Alexander has been crass from day 1 but the Progressive quest for so-called purity has simply unmasked many as lefty versions of the Tea Party.

  3. I don’t even get it. “Ovary”? Because she’s female? Because she is pro-choice? I don’t get it.

  4. “No county public official or employee shall use his/her public position or office to obtain financial gain or anything of substantial value for the private benefit of himself/herself or his/her immediate family, or for an organization with which he/she is associated.”

    Yes. THAT Deanna Alexander.
    You’d think she would have a little more self awareness iin ridiculing anyone after her last ethically challenged foray into funding territory.

    1. To replace Alberta Darling, who is up for reelection next year. I read somewhere that the Republicans want to get rid of her.

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