Guest Blog: give the gift of life

April is known by several titles; Organ Donor month, Donate the Gift of Life month, and several other variations, all of which call attention to the same theme; that is, most if not all can contribute, as our last act, to the continuation of life for others through organ donation.

We are told on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services site, that “1 organ donor can save up to 8 lives” as well as enabling a more full life for others with the donation of eye and tissue donation. The simple act of opting for organ donation on our driver’s license or making our wishes known to our next of kin will also accomplish the act to “…love your neighbor as yourself.”

This week I heard indirectly, one could say, from my youngest daughter, Rose, who was an innocent victim as a passenger in an auto accident eleven years ago. It was a message from a lady in West Virginia who is the transplant recipient of Rose’s heart . And so, life goes on in others both by organ donation and our good example.


Duane Dubey


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4 thoughts on “Guest Blog: give the gift of life

  1. I can’t disagree with the sentiment expressed in Duane’s message, I just find it ironic on a site that supports abortion (ie the ending of an innocent life) under virtually any circumstances.

  2. BB’s resident sophist can’t leave any sincere gesture of humanitarian concern alone. Unsupported, abusive and demeaning insinuations from an entity that knows nothing else and is still allowed commenting privileges. Again I ask why.

  3. As a liver transplant recipient going on 5 years I cannot adequately express the thanks for the gift I received.

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