7 thoughts on “Some important things to know about Wisconsin’s abortion ban

  1. This is just more GOP pandering to the single issue, so-called, “pro life” folks who are ignorant of or blind to the pro-death agenda for the poor and middle class of Wisconsin by Walker and his legislative gang.

  2. 1. Then it’s not that big of deal
    2. She can get all the care she needs, just not an abortion
    3.they have 20 weeks to realize if they were victims.
    4. Doctors also have shown that babies after 20 weeks can feel pay
    5. The women won’t get in trouble
    6. It’s an abortion, not healthcare. They have 19 weeks to make that decision.
    8. Where is there a bill banning any forms of birth control?

    1. Erik,

      If you want government forcing birth, you’re no friend of the Second Amendment.

      You’re a terrific example of exactly what’s wrong with the forced birthers. Get off the fence. Is it a human being or not? If you think it is, why aren’t you saving any “babies?”

      Who is stopping you from contracting with the Ob/Gyn and the mother to adopt the “baby?”

      Have you even tried to raise money for the neo-natal unit and find caring parents?

      Or, are you just too lazy?

      If you really think it’s murder, why aren’t you advocating for a homicide investigation after every miscarriage? You need a death certificate and the ME can’t give that without a cause of death. There’s no statute of limitations on murder. At any point, anyone can come forward and accuse the mother of causing the death of her unborn child.

      “Pregnant woman fights Wisconsin’s fetal protection law”

      “According to court records:

      A home pregnancy test confirmed Beltran’s condition in May. On July 2, she went to West Bend Clinic at St. Joseph’s Hospital for a prenatal visit and disclosed that she had been taking Suboxone she got from a friend to help wean her off painkillers on which she feared she was becoming dependent in 2012.

      The physician’s assistant recommended Beltran get her own Suboxone prescription and be monitored by a doctor, but Beltran declined, saying she did not want to use it anymore.

      Two weeks later, a social worker came to Beltran’s home and said she really needed to continue Suboxone, and again Beltran declined.

      Two days after that, police and sheriff’s deputies arrested Beltran at her home, handcuffed her and took her to a hospital. A doctor examined her and declared her and the pregnancy healthy and said in-patient treatment was unnecessary.”


      1. Did you really just ask why there aren’t police investigations following miscarriages. ?.? Rightttttt!

        Whether you are pro abortion or anti abortion the facts are simple. Rape victims know they are raped and know how to make a decision regarding an unwanted rape pregnancy 19 weeks and 6 days and 23 hours post rape. They are counseled on steps post rape on how to prevent an unwanted pregnancy and if they somehow don’t report the rapeople they still have 20 weeks. The ultimate red herring…

        and anytime anyone says politicians are trying to ban birth control you might as well just label them crazy. the last time I checked Republicans have held a super-majority in Wisconsin and I can still buy a condom or birth control any number of ways of birth control at any store in Wisconsin that carries those things. I am so sick and tired of people trying to fear monger and state that Republicans are attempting to get rid of birth control which is an absolute bull crap thing to say.

        but please keep on keepin on it is humorous

        1. jharp’s in the house.

          You wrote: “Did you really just ask why there aren’t police investigations following miscarriages. ?.? Rightttttt!”

          Yes. I “really” asked.

          What’s your answer?

  3. If the capacity to feel pain is now the central issue, how does a “pro-life” person justify eating meat or wearing leather? I assure you a chicken or a cow is just as capable (likely more) of experiencing pain as a fetus at 20 weeks. (For that matter, why isn’t there equal consideration given to avoiding the pain of childbirth? Or complications? Or coat hangers and sepsis?)

    There is no answer to my question because this new-found emphasis on pain is beyond disingenuous. It’s definitely not pain, so it must be something else… It’s (still) about control over women and their bodies.

    Also, for goodness sakes, many victims of rape and incest live with their attacker and are under constant threat of further violence. Under those circumstances, figuring out you’re pregnant, making the decision to end the pregnancy, and arranging for and having an abortion (perhaps hundreds of miles away from home) can be quite complicated and time-consuming. Victims of these crimes should be given all the leeway and support in the world, not arbitrary deadlines.

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