How do you plan on spending the $1 tax cut WI Republicans gave you?

So how do you plan on spending the massive $1 tax cut Wisconsin’s Republican legislators gave you thanks to the recently passed biennial budget?

Property taxes on the typical Wisconsin home are projected to decrease $1 on bills mailed this December and $2 next year.

The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau released a new estimate Monday, July 27th on property taxes for a home valued at just over $154,000 based on the state budget recently signed by Gov. Scott Walker.

I think I’m gonna buy a box of Mike and Ikes with that dollar Republicans put in my pocket, but I’d love to hear how you plan on spending your dollar.


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3 thoughts on “How do you plan on spending the $1 tax cut WI Republicans gave you?

  1. I am spending the $1000 every year that my taxes would be if Doyle would still be in office and if Walker had not frozen local taxes.

  2. If you are implying that you wished property taxes were reduced even more, why didn’t Democrats do so when they ruled the roost? Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance: “After rising over the prior decade to 4.2% of income in 2010-11, Wisconsin’s property tax burden now stands at 3.6%, the lowest since 1946.”

  3. For two years in a row I have been pick pocketed by the underhanded tax trickery of Scott Walker. The exact combined amount, for those two years, was $7728. I saved $27 dollars on my property taxes in those two years. For a total loss of $7701 in two years. I anticipate my tax obligation to increase again and now that I can look forward to a whole $3 maybe $4 of property tax relief in the next two years I can securely say Walker has fooled us all. With that said… I don’t have to worry about how to spend $1, I have to worry about how to readjust my budget every year so I can make sure food and shelter are still available to my family. Anyone who wants to challenge my numbers or doubts my financial losses due to Walkers policies can take a look at my financials. I will mention that financial position hadn’t changed. My household income remained the same, my housing remained the same and I actually added a child to my family. By all accounts, if what Walker claims is true, I should be saving money. The numbers don’t lie… Walker does!

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