So Which Presidential Candidate Is Actually Unintimidated?

This morning Zach posted the video of Senator Bernie Sanders appearance at Liberty University. Clearly the candidate walked directly into the lion’s den without fear or trepidation and took questions and actually answered them.

This is compared to our Governor Scott Walker who prefers scripted appearances in ticket only safe havens and when asked a question that is outside of his experience either ‘punts’ or regards it as ‘hypothetical’ or runs off at the mouth with unrelated talking points.

I would suggest that Senator Sanders is the truly unintimidated candidate in this election!


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9 thoughts on “So Which Presidential Candidate Is Actually Unintimidated?

  1. The mention of “Scott Walker” and “presidential candidate” together in any forum or conversation is a contradiction in terms or a logical incongruity.

    I apologize for being too kind.

  2. Wow, Zach and now Ed are getting thrills up their legs over Sanders speaking at a conservative college. I think it was fine for Sanders to do so but hardly the courageous act suggested. For starters, conservatives will be far more likely to treat their guests with respect than liberals will treat conservative guests at many colleges.

    1. Far more daunting a task than the general temerity exhibited by our governor. When your precocious (sarcasm) Governor Walker speaks at UC-Berkeley and takes questions and actually provides cognizant answers…we’ll compare notes!

        1. Jerk,

          You led off your above comment with an unnecessary personally abusive and derogatory assertion about thrills for Zach and Ed @#2.

          Is that your only avenue to thrills? Demeaning or being intentionally insulting to other people and asserting yourself over them somehow?

          So with this attack and insult, you pretty much blew your theory and claim about conservatives being nicer people. Liar, hypocrite, take your pick and I’m playing nice. Fact over beliefs.

        2. No Dennis…I said what I meant…and as the governor demonstrated last night, he is clueless:

          cog·ni·zant ˈkäɡnəzənt/ adjective formal

          having knowledge or being aware of.

          “statesmen must be cognizant of the political boundaries within which they work”

          1. Wrong again Ed. A statesman can indeed be cognizant. Why not offer an example of an answer being cognizant. In the interest of cogency, I would advise not using the word “cognizant” to describe an answer.

            TRIGGER WARNING: This comment may be delayed because of my recent use of the “f” word.

            1. “cog·ni·zant ˈkäɡnəzənt/ adjective formal

              having knowledge or being aware of.

              “statesmen must be cognizant of the political boundaries within which they work””

              These lines were from an online dictionary…they are not my own original text.

              Governor Walker is not aware of much of anything and has little knowledge outside his own self-imposed bubble. He made that painfully obvious in front of the whole nation last night.

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