Speaker John Boehner to resign from Congress at end of October

Wow…..this is unexpected.

Speaker John Boehner announced to House Republicans that he is retiring from Congress at the end of October, according to multiple sources in a closed party meeting.

No doubt what comes next for Republicans in the house is a whole lot of crazy, because this move by Boehner was no doubt prompted by a burgeoning challenge to his Speakership by the “tea party” wing of the Republican Party in the House.


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6 thoughts on “Speaker John Boehner to resign from Congress at end of October

  1. One would hope that his resignation is, in part, due to the speech by Pope Francis “pricking his conscience.” His emotional state during the pope’s presentation made me wonder if he was thinking over his past actions with regret.

  2. I am not surprised at the resignation; however I wondered why, Boehner, a Catholic, took so long to challenge the hypocricy of the tea party’s pro-life stance only recognizing the unborn but ignoring the sick, the elderly, those in poverty, income disparity, pollution causing climate change, and other social problems of “our neighbors” suffering and in great need.

    I believe Pope Francis words brought the House Speaker to a “come to Jesus event” and that Boehner, as a leader, could no longer participate in or enable such hypocricy.

    “Oh the humanity!”

    1. That’s one way to look at it, but I wonder about the social consciousness epiphany having anything to do with it. More like the appeal of the 19th hole at his favorite course or a private sector corporate board appointment. Revolving door in a move to the real (shadow government) seat of political power.

      I also imagined that Boehner was just trying to beat Walker to that FOX news commentary chair.

  3. Today’s GOP is simply a bunch of whiny, self-interested brats who define themselves by what they hate, and have no concept of a greater good. Is it really no surprise that they are incapable of governing?

    They must be removed from power and put into the wilderness for 20 years. It is the only way that party will grow up and rejoin the real world where results of policies matter

    1. Jake, I don’t disagree, but the danger here is the GOP or at least the tea party crazies attract the single issue or anti abortion Christians who lose sight of the larger picture of the economic abortion inflicted upon the whole of humanity by the greed of the 1%. Or to use Pope Francis’ term,”unfettered capitalism.”

      It is my opinion that abortions would be significantly reduced when or if there is economic justice or equality for workers or to use your term, “a greater good.”

  4. I wonder if the real epiphany might be the relief Boehner could find from turning his body over to a concerned physician and his spirit over to a Higher Power that will help him to find serenity in sobriety. It is not too late for the man to achieve wellness of body, mind and spirit. He has my prayers that it will be so.

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