Senator Ron Johnson Embarrasses Wisconsin On The Big Stage…AGAIN!

Many of us realized that Republican Senator Ron Johnson was in over his head during the primary during his first campaign for US Senate. A full blown product of the Tea Party explosion, anti-science denier of climate change and an opponent of affordable health care for Americans…Senator ‘Sun Spots’ Johnson went totally off the rails on the media including NPR this morning with his wackiest position to date.

He expounded on a supposed conspiracy theory that there is a secret society in the FBI opposed to the Trump regime. It was bad enough that he was holding court on this loony position he actually started yelling at the NPR interviewer. And part of his rant? “…the Clinton emails!”

The worst thing here is Senator Johnson’s denigration of the FBI…another attempt to discredit the FBI no matter his denial in this interview. Like fake news of the GOP defenders of the president say it often enough, they apparently hope any charges coming from the Mueller investigation will be regarded as fake, or at least biased and politically motivated, as well.

Here is a link to the NPR interview. You can read the transcript or listen to him rant…pick your poison.

Later today the Washington Post, CBS, CNN and other outlets reported that Senator Johnson walked his statements back. Unfortunately we have five more years before we get another swing at him.

Updates Friday January 26 from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (aka JSOnline):

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson walks back claims of an anti-Trump ‘secret society’ within FBI

In Context: Ron Johnson’s ‘secret society’


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