Time To Pass The Lindsey Graham Double Dippin’ Is Verboten Bill??

As we continue to see the angst and concern about Social Security being emoted around Capitol Hill, maybe a first baby step would be a bill to deny social security benefits to electeds who retire with more than adequate and generous federal pensions. Not sure if the feds can enforce a similar prohibition on local and state officials but it would be worth a try. But if you are wondering what I am talking about, here’s a return to yesteryear: Lindsey Graham Triple Dipping On Federal Retirement Benefits!

So he’s suggesting that one way to fix the SS solvency issue is reduced benefits which he’d be willing to do…except he’s not like you and me who will rely on SS payments as a major portion of our retirement income.

In fact in the video he mentions that he has a military pension. I am not sure if he is currently receiving that but he apparently is entitled to one. Thank you for your service sir.

AND he mentions that he will get a US Senate pension when he leaves the Senate. And that I am sure is sizable as well. One of the sites that I found say that the average pension for a member of congress is $75,528. And their pension system is a bit arcane as well since at one time elected officials only received their pension but now also pay into Social Security. So they will get both…

and my take? Pick one government teat to suckle from!
and one of the reasons I am revisiting this is apparently Sen. Graham restated these same statements since the SOTU. Sigh.


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