Stephen Colbert & Joe Biden talk grief, loss (VIDEO)

On Thursday night Vice President Joe Biden appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and during his interview with Stephen Colbert, Biden was asked about loss and grief.

Watch out, Hillary Clinton.

Biden, of course, never mentioned her name, but that answer is the real heart of the case he would have to make against her, implicitly or explicitly, if he ran. Clinton’s poll numbers are sinking, at least in part, because she is seen, once again, as the epitome of caution and parsing. Biden may be the consummate politician, but he is seen as the opposite.

Watch the first part of the interview for yourselves.

Joe Biden may have many flaws as a political figure, but his ability to be relatable and authentic certainly aren’t among his flaws. If Biden does decide to enter the Democratic presidential primary, his authenticity and ability to relate to “average Americans” will certainly stand in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton, who many still see as being too “wooden and overly cautious.”

EDIT: Here’s part 2 of Stephen Colbert’s interview with Vice President Biden.


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10 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert & Joe Biden talk grief, loss (VIDEO)

  1. Biden will get in when Hillary indicted which is sure to happen. The same group that indicted Petraeus is doing the job. Stopping that would be obstruction of justice.

    1. You are referring to the WI Supreme Court majority and John Doe I see, Booby. Thanks for defining that term better for me. I’ll make a note of “obstruction of justice.” You do have moments of brilliance from time to time.

  2. Biden has a month or two to delay a decision to run. I agree with the experts that if he can’t resolve his grief by November, it will be too late to structure a team, raise funds, and other necessities for an effective campaign. Other candidates have a huge lead in this regard beginning their efforts earlier this year.

    I would say the odds of Biden running are 50/50 or 50% he will; 50% he won’t.

    The latest national(not state) poll I have seen on TV indicates the primary finish as Clinton, Sanders, Biden in that order.

    1. I like Biden though I sure as heck won’t vote for him. But Duane, regarding his grief, the issue is not how to resolve the grief but rather how to formulate a campaign strategy around it.

  3. Zach, it seems my comments are now subject to moderation/waiting period. Can you share with me the transgression that sealed my fate? Honestly not sure what I have done to deserve the time out. Thanks.

    1. Buy a mirror Denny, and drop the victim act.

      I don’t see Biden getting in, barring a Hillary implosion, particularly given that there’s a lot of emotional energy to give after having to give up a ton of it with the horrible death of his son. Now, getting Biden to destroy GOPs on the stump this time next year as an elder statesman? THAT is a great role for him.

  4. I hope everyone clicked through to part 2 of the interview. A true and compassionate human being and an example to emulate on a personal level if not completely on the political level.

    Off Topic: Imagine Scooter in that situation of a personal interview. What talking points would be flowing like effluent in a dairy barn gutter?

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