Walker Derangement Syndrome Is a Thing

Governor Walker has been campaigning across New Hampshire on his everyman Harley Davidson. A photo published over the weekend shows the governor apparently fresh off his bike, talking with a number of supporters. Here is the shot:

Walker Harley Helmet Tan

So where does the Walker Derangement Syndrome come into play? The comments on social media that accompany the photo go to totally rude. Accusing Tonette Walker of messing up his makeup, saying that his makeup artist didn’t finish school either, accusing the governor of doing a Boehner (also using the word boner), etc. It’s the result of riding his bike with a helmet on for crying out loud!

Anyone reading this knows that I don’t like Governor Walker. You know there is little if anything that we agree on. That one of the worst things that could ever happen to this country would be a President Walker.

But let’s drop the bullshit personal attacks and stick to things of substance…it’s not like we are lacking in any talking points around what he’s said and what he’s done. If we can’t be better than this…

[photo from Facebook…trying to find attribution…help with that info if you can!]


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10 thoughts on “Walker Derangement Syndrome Is a Thing

  1. I agree fully, Ed. There are plenty of legitimate things to criticize Governor Walker on. Resorting to personal attacks or outright lies (ie. attribution of fake quotes that I’ve seen lately on Facebook) just gives more fuel to the Charlie Sykes crowd. Stick to the facts and stop with the childish memes and personal attacks.

  2. Ok… well… In future I will just say ‘the camera doesn’t love him’, and leave it at that. Is that ok?
    But I refuse to stop making fun of his kitchen-cabinet head injury. Any ridicule he gets from that he brought on himself.

  3. Walker haters are pathetic. Why cant you stick to issues instead of invective. I have spent 50 year at top level of

    Conservative politics and cannot think of any them that I ever hated. Some were really slimey but not worth hate. Hate takes too much energy. Doyle, Dreyfus were worst governors, Tommy, Lucey, Knowles the best.
    I actually feel sorry for you pathetic people

  4. Ed, I’m in agreement with you except on the issue of his bald spot, because he invited criticism/making fun of him for the explanation he gave to explain the supposed origins of his very obvious male pattern baldness.

  5. Are you kidding me! Walker deserves every bit of ridicule he gets. Justified or not. People who choose to put themselves in the public eye are open to what the public offers. Are you suggesting ban political satire? Everyday, I make fun of the way he talks, his bald spot, the way he walks, his wife, his kids, his religious background etc. etc. etc. it’s never to soon and it’s never off limits. Sure, we should include criticism of substance but please don’t make me give up the rest. It’s far to entertaining. I mean hell, if I had any artistic ability at all it would be easy and I would be rich writing political cartoons based on this buffoon.

  6. Oh and by the way, it’s a combination of sun burn and wind burn making his face look like that. It also shows he doesn’t spend much time on his union made Harley Davidson or his face would have built up some tolerance/base to the elements.

  7. Gotta agree with Ed. It seems that the only avenue a lot of people have for their frustration with Walker is endless vitriol on social media and online. It’s led to a serious underestimation of the guy on our part, which is one of the reasons he keeps winning and we keep losing. The Right loves this stuff because it looks like all we got is vitriol, and they have all the power in Wisconsin right now.

    1. It’s a lot easier to post vitriol on Facebook/Twitter than it is to be part of a local group, distribute literature, work on GOTV initiatives, or even show up to the polls on Election Day. Some “progressives” get awfully defensive when I bring up that fact.

      I think a lot of the younger people in the movement don’t get that online internet activity doesn’t necessarily equal productive action. They’re learning, though. See the recent turnover at the DPW offices as an example.

  8. Its just an excuse made up by the right-wingers who have no other means or grounds to defend Walker on, other than attempting to deflect proven and credible criticism by blaming “lefties,” of simply being crazy, deranged, whatever.

    When you absolutely can’t defend your own party, representatives or their actions and policy, blame the critics, another facet of playing the victim card. Worlds oldest profession, even older than that other oldest profession.

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