Walker Tone Deaf to Irony

Cleaning off my desktop…this probably should have been written while the governor was still vying for the GOP presidential nomination…but it still outlines his inability to see the bigger picture to what he is saying/doing. Of course safely back in Wisconsin where the media regularly give him a free pass…where he only speaks at closed invitation only sessions at businesses or organizations that support him…it’s less of an issue.

But let’s relive those thrilling days of yesteryear…well almost a month ago…when Governor Walker decided to give a major policy address (roundly ignored by the tea party, GOP and media) at President Reagan’s alma mater: Eureka College.

The irony here?

Standing on the stage where Ronald Reagan “found his voice,” Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker sought to find his own Thursday as he promised to repeat his actions in Wisconsin by taking down federal workers’ unions on his first day in the White House.

Well Governor Walker totally overlooked how President Reagan found his voice…he was urging his fellow classmen to go on strike to protest budget cuts at the school! The king of education budget cuts doesn’t see the irony in this? The leader in handcuffing the world renowned University of Wisconsin system doesn’t get it…no, he didn’t get his eureka moment!


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