Ben Carson Portrayed As Mr. Humility

GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson spoke at Liberty University (which bills itself as the largest Christian university in the world…but why isn’t it called Somethingsomething Christian University instead of Liberty but I digress) and talked about how God is calling him to run for president. But interestingly enough, one of the vice presidents at the university extolled Dr. Carson’s humility:

“I think the one thing all of us love and appreciate about you, sir,” David Nasser, Liberty University’s vice president of spiritual development, told Carson at the end of his speech, “is really your humility.

But we all have heard the stereotype that surgeons have god complexes…rather than being exemplars of humility…and from what we’ve seen from Dr. Carson in the debates or on the campaign trail…I think he suffers from the former more than from the latter…and just to support that hypothesis:

Last week, the Guardian offered readers an inside look at Carson’s home with a spread of photos that included one of a telling portrait: Ben Carson, contentedly smiling in his white doctor’s coat, sitting literally at the right hand of Jesus, a biblical place of distinction.

I don’t know…humility doesn’t square with painted portraits with Jesus…or is it just me?


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