This Is So Wrong On So Many Levels: NRA

Just a few quick comments on today’s NRA Press Conference. I am using the quotes from this afternoon’s post from JSONLINE:

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” the group’s top lobbyist, Wayne LaPierre, said at a Washington news conference.

LaPierre said “the next Adam Lanza,” the man responsible for last week’s mayhem, is planning an attack on another school.

“How many more copycats are waiting in the wings for their moment of fame from a national media machine that rewards them with wall-to-wall attention and a sense of identity that they crave, while provoking others to try to make their mark,” LaPierre said. “A dozen more killers, a hundred more? How can we possibly even guess how many, given our nation’s refusal to create an active national database of the mentally ill?”

Mr. LaPierre is apparently aware that deflection is their only possible defense.

We’ve discussed this before…he’s right on one level. There will be other attempts…but just because we can’t prevent every nut case from acquiring a gun and attempting mayhem…doesn’t mean we shouldn’t attempt to minimize the possibilities. Reducing the gun death toll by 5% or 10% or 20% is still a worthy cause.

And while we are on the topic of databases, we should probably ramp up the FBI’s database to improve the accuracy rate of gun background checks. Think the NRA will kick in to support that?

Side Snark: Mental Health issues wouldn’t be as big a problem if we had a comprehensive national health care system that included treatment for mental health issues. End of Snark.

But Mr. LaPierre wasn’t done yet. He has apparently enlisted some help in providing the wrong solutions for our national crisis of gun violence (emphasis added):

LaPierre announced that former Rep. Asa Hutchison (R-Ark.) will lead an NRA program that will develop a model security plan for schools that relies on armed volunteers.

The first time I read that it didn’t totally sink in. I thought we were just following down the same empty casing laden primrose path that Sheriff Clarke was leading us. But then the V word sunk in. We are not only willing to turn our schools into prisons…but we are going to use VOLUNTEER armed guards? Wow, that’s off the deep end…

But constant readers of Blogging Blue are familiar with the instances of trained police officers not being able to hit what they aim at…check them HERE and HERE! The last thing I want are gun happy volunteers deciding how to defend our schools and who to challenge with a fire arm. No training we could possibly provide would be sufficient.

And there is nothing that screams freedom and liberty like locked down buildings surrounded by armed guards…of course this could be the start of that ‘well regulated militia’ we are always hearing about?

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11 thoughts on “This Is So Wrong On So Many Levels: NRA

  1. There are many kinds of gun violence perpetrators (some mentally ill, some domestic terrorists, some abusive spouses, some ideologic extremists, some run-of-the mill urban criminals, etc.) and each acts for different reasons and would require different solutions to prevent. The one underlying thread, however, is a pervasive gun culture — a collective psyche obsessed with guns and easy access to them. Any real solution must change the attitudes of a great many people (a very difficult task) and is likely to take decades. That does not, however, mean we should simply throw up our hands in defeat.

  2. Let\’s begin to name names.

    Who are the enablers, either overtly or indirectly, of the mass murderers? Who are those who have been a party to infanticide, the slaughter of innocents, and inflicting unimaginable mental pain and suffering upon the victims\’ families?

    I submit five categories:

    1. The NRA Board of directors or as one identified them, \”a septic tank with name tags.\” Refer to:

    2. The voice of NRA, Wayne LaPierre, Executive VP and CEO, who is also ipso facto a lobbyist for the gun makers. LaPierre is reported to be paid $1 million annually for his dual role as a hit man for the WMD manufacturers and the NRA. It appears LaPierre, an authority on the second amendment, was too busy getting educated to serve our country during the Vietnam war.

    3. The gun manufacturers as well as those who furnish auxiliary devices such has clips and drums far exceeding valid hunting or sporting needs.

    4. Members of Congress. You need only to follow those who are beneficiaries of NRA\’s funding largesse and who have an NRA favorable rating of \”A\” (Assassin?).

    5, Those who are silent and do not cry out for justice and prevention of the excesses of the NRA, Congress, and the greed of the gun manufacturers.

    I am not now nor ever been a member of the NRA. I have been a gun owner and hunter for sixty-five years shooting my first deer as a teenager while lost in Douglas County. As an enlistee during the Korean War, I took an oath to defend my country. I \”qualified\” in that regard meeting requirements with a M-1 semi-automatic carbine. On occasion, I still use an old M-1 for hunting in lieu of my 1950 Marlin 30-30.

    My soon to be Congressman is Sean Duffy, but more about him and his NRA \”A\” ratng later.

  3. What is the problem? The message or the messenger?
    Is sounds like the NRA and Mr. LaPierre are against crime & criminals and against mass killings. Same as all reading this, I hope.
    The NRA spokesman could have simply mentioned the 2nd ammendment and closed the door, but he did not. He went on to point out a few other potential contributors to the culture of violence we seem to be experiencing. Agree with any or all, but there is some substance to what he said. The solutions are complex yet needed. Likely long term propositions but that\’s ok.
    Rather than close the door he suggested increased security in schools, now, in the short term.
    I\’m sorry but, our free society has taken a couple of hits that demand immeadiate action whether we like it or not. 911 and airports is a good example. We don\’t want it and we don\’t like it, yet we accept it as needed.
    The problem is multifaceted. The solutions are multifacited. Mr. LaPierre is responsible for only one facet, yet offered to speak out on other facets.
    Again I ask, what is the problem? The message or the messenger?

    1. It is not a free society when you can\’t differentiate between an elementary school and a medium security prison.

      And I hold the NRA to task for being one of the major instigators of your \’culture of violence\’.

      1. I hear ya and don\’t like it either.
        Government acted quickly with airport security post 911. I am surprised Government has not acted quickly with regard to school security. Due to circumstances they seem of equivalent priority. Addressing terrorism and/or culture of violence are both long term propositions. Some short term brute force method seems appropriate in both cases.
        Some schools already have security;

        A group who is for responsible firearm use and against crime & criminals is an instigator to the culture of violence? I think I appreciate the sentiment in your comment, but, I gotta tell ya, the NRA is on the same side of law you are.

        We\’re going to talk about \”this issue\” for a long long time.
        We should protect our children now.

        1. A group who is for responsible firearm use and against crime & criminals is an instigator to the culture of violence?

          Dang straight!! Promoting a Wild West atmosphere to support concealed carry? Making people think the govt (particularly the first Obama administration) was coming for their guns when not a word was spoken about it? Suggesting the remedy for every gun violence occurrence is more guns? Doubling down and refusing to even discuss possible gun restrictions to reduce gun violence? Suggesting volunteers and/or good guys with guns are the answer when we’ve seen dozens of times when highly trained police officers screw up when shoot outs occur? Feeding the inner Dirty Harry in the hoi polloi? Deflecting blame from guns (they are after all inanimate objects) to video games and mass media (which after all are inanimate objects too)? Refusing to consider bullet identification markings that would identify what gun a bullet was fired from (by the way, that may have proven to be a great deal of help in the murder of a Wauwatosa police officer this morning and the murder of two Rochester NY fire men earlier today)? How many instances would you need?

          They are hell bent on creating a gun ridden society in order to sell more guns…flat out!

          1. \”Promoting a Wild West atmosphere to support concealed carry?\”
            This is your personal feelings and attitude towards self defense rather than the \”atmosphere\”.
            \”Making people think the govt (particularly the first Obama administration) was coming for their guns when not a word was spoken about it?\”
            Yeah, but now several govt entities including Obama have spoken many words about it. So, you are saying they were right all along and should be looked down upon because of it? Interesting argument.
            Overall, the NRA isn\’t \”wrong\”. This is an organization that fully supports citizens who own firearms. They advocate the ownership, the use in self defense, ease of purchase and the ability for citizens to CC. They aren\’t \”wrong\” since that is why they exist. Those who contribute to their advocacy do so for them to push this sentiment.

            Your argument is equivalent to demanding that Unions support right to work and Act 10.

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