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  1. Here’s something scary, I actually agree with something Trump said… “Our politicians are grossly incompetent”. If he keeps talking like that I might consider watching the “Apprentice”. I keep wondering if this is possibly some kind of stunt. Was this campaign intentionally conjured up to screw the Republican Party. It’s hard to fathom that any individual could be so stupid. How could anyone think that alienating women, Mexicans, Muslims and gays could possibly win an election? Maybe Hillary, long time friend of Trump, is smarter than we think and concocted this whole thing. Either way, I can’t wait for for someone to tell this idiot he’s “fired”.

  2. I don’t agree that “Our politicians are grossly incompetent.”

    Quite the opposite; many or at least a majority are calculating and effective , but conscienceless, and corrupted. They are, to use my favorite term, “paid agents of the 1%.” Too many of today’s’ politicians’ top priority is to satisfy their financial sponsors who provide the unrestricted funds to allow their reelection.

    “…Government of the people, for the people, by the people…” is but a wishful expression of a bygone era not applicable to the current money politics and especially the legislative branch of our government known as the peoples’ Congress.

    Our politicians are not incompetent! In fact, they have been very successful in their efforts to primarily and effectively serve a very small but exclusive segment of our society and knowingly ignore the lawful and just needs of all the “people.”

    A prime example of their competence is the Republican’s successful, although unjust, redistricting of Wisconsin;

  3. Not using, showing or having the necessary skills to successfully govern is by definition incompetent. I appreciate your spin and understand what you’re saying but our politicians are incompetent. Now I suppose you’ll redefine the word govern.

  4. Okay, to use WB’s spin, I concede Genghis Khan, Adolph Hitler, Kim ii Jung, Pol Pot, Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong,and whazhisname that fiddled while Rome burned could also be classified as merely “incompetent” by “Not using, showing or having the necessary skills to successfully govern…”

    But seriously, the current governing by the Republican majority, while not equal to the above in volume and extreme, is more than just “incompetent.” It is, is a threat to “life and limb” to some segments as evidenced by the recent murder of a doctor and three aides at a Planned Parent clinic. When you add the the lack of governance for a college education, affordable health insurance, a living wage, help for the homeless and jobless, the uninsured, health care for women, even WB may recognize that “incompetent” to govern can mean a death sentence for the vulnerable, or the disadvantaged.

    1. But… I thought you “don’t agree” or are you just incapable of letting someone else have an opinion without having to upstage them with your vast and unending knowledge? Ramble on Rose…

  5. Hey Ed and Zach, please note WB is getting derogatory IMO, so there is no point in replying to his personal attack. In addition, his reply and especially “Ramble on Rose…” is way off topic.

    Today at the celebration of the Mass with rose colored vestments worn on the third Sunday of Advent, the theme of which is to “Rejoice” in anticipation of the birth of the Christ child, I asked my pastor to pray for my youngest daughter, Rose, who was an innocent victim as a passenger in an auto accident ten years ago and in whose memory the vestments were donated. As an organ donor, Rose’s donated heart beats on even today in a West Virginia woman who was at the end stage of heart disease back then.

    1. Get off your high horse. Are you kidding me? As if any of your posts were ON TOPIC. Stalin, Hitler and your religious ramblings not to mention none of your posts even mention Trump. If you find it personal to be called out on the constant upstaging and attacks on anyone who dares to comment then maybe your knowledge is greater then your skin is thick. Oh and by the way… Ramble on Rose is a Grateful Dead. I used it to sarcastically encourage you to keep spewing nonsense. I have no idea who you are and couldn’t have possibly known about your daughter. Nothing personal.

    2. Furthermore, did you not expect me to react to “even WB may recognize”? Implying a level of ignorance will always draw a reaction. Oh and I meant… Grateful Dead song.

  6. Look, everyone needs to just take a step back, stay on topic, and stop with the personal attacks.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you don’t want to have your viewpoints challenged and then defend those viewpoints, you probably shouldn’t be posting comments on a political blog.

    Just my two cents…

  7. Zach,
    I would love an honest critique of how any of my posts were personal. Zach please point that out. If it’s obvious I will gladly and sincerely offer my apologies. If it’s blatant I will never comment again. However, I think my original post was satirical and not worthy of the ridicule that was imposed. Now, if you give an honest critique please consider who was off topic and who was personal. Personal… I would never disclose such personal information about my family on a blog site. Nor do I try upstage every comment made. Personal… I think not. Derogatory… Far from it.

    1. Look, satire doesn’t always come across as satire; sometimes it comes across as nothing more than snark. That being said, Duane12 felt your comments were a personal attack, and I’d really love to see this situation resolved short of either of you choosing not to engage in the dialogue here on Blogging Blue.

      I’m hoping that an apology can be made to Duane12 in order to work towards a resolution, because I’m not fond of conflict, especially when it seems there’s an easy resolution.

  8. Apologies offered and point taken. Not only do I respect Duane12’s opinion but I find myself in agreement with most of his comments. Duane12 if you found my comments derogatory or interpreted them as a personal attack who I’m I to deny you of your feelings. As I said before, nothing personal. Again, my apologies.

    Thanks Zach.

    1. “To err is human…”

      Of course; been there, done that myself too often in the search for the truth with my own bias and in a world filled with multiple versions of the truth.

      Thank you for your understanding and compassion.

      Excuse my digression from the topic again, but my Christmas has been very blessed with not only your comment, but also with yuletide well wishes from a Nigerian acquaintance with whom I have had some misunderstandings in the past.

      Season greetings to Zach and all the other contributors.

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