Republican Rep. Dean Knudson won’t seek reelection

On Monday I noted Republican Rep. Dave Heatonwon’t seek reelection to his seat this fall, and now comes news Republican Rep. Dean Knudson has decided not to seek reelection.

Republican state Rep. Dean Knudson of Hudson announced Tuesday he will not be seeking re-election this fall.

Knudson won the 30th Assembly District seat in the Republican wave of 2010 and rose through the ranks to eventually earn a spot on the powerful Joint Finance Committee. Among his high profile bills was the measure passed in November to split the Government Accountability Board into two separate commissions with partisan appointees. Knudson said he’s leaving the legislature to focus on his veterinary practice in Hudson.

Despite his stated desire to return to his veterinary practice in Hudson, I have no doubt Knudson’s decision not to run for reelection has to do with the fact that Republican legislative overreach (and the resulting negative impact on our state) has led to absolutely miserable approval ratings for Gov. Scott Walker, the state’s top Republican, which no doubt will trickle down to Republicans in other races.


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