Second verse, same as the first

Apparently, there is some discussion about a brokered GOP convention as the antidote to a Trump nomination for the Presidency. Even better, according to the Hawkings Here blog on Roll Call, the leading contender would be none other than our Boy Wonder, Paul Ryan. Yep. That Paul Ryan, the new Speaker of the House.

The same Paul Ryan, as the VP, who couldn’t deliver the State of Wisconsin in 2012 for his ticket.

The same Paul Ryan who lost in his hometown in 2012.

The same Paul Ryan whose neighbors didn’t vote for him as Vice President.

The same Paul Ryan who has successfully enacted only two pieces of his own legislation during his 9 terms in the house and one of them was to get a post office renamed for Les Aspin (I am reasonably sure even a Zombie could have done that).

The same Paul Ryan who keeps trotting out the same tired ideas over and over again while trying to convince everyone that it is the “Path to Prosperity”.

The same Paul Ryan that wants to cut Medicare (and push Granny off the cliff) and other “entitlements”.

The same Paul Ryan who couldn’t get GM to stay in Janesville.

The same Paul Ryan who ran a marathon in less than 3 hours.

The same Paul Ryan who kisses fish….and then posts it on Twitter.

I could go on, but I think you’ve already been convinced that it is a brilliant plan….

to elect Hilary Clinton.


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5 thoughts on “Second verse, same as the first

    1. And speaking of speculation — both financial and political — why not see and hear about what could be done to get our party out of the mess that it finds itself in. I think a lot more people would show up and vote if they had something to vote for that truly benefitted the voter’s everyday lives. People grew tired of voting for the lesser of two evils.

      Bernie Sanders made a major speech this afternoon at the historic Town Hall near Times Square, delivering his re-regulatory message to big business and Wall Street. He is introduced by New York State Senator James Sanders:

  1. As a means of promoting greater civil discourse on the issues we all face as Democrats, could we all thank Zach and contributers for providing this venue for Blue discussion?

    Much has happened in the past week. An election for non-partisan state and local offices is coming up on February 16th. We should spread the word on the vital importance of defeating Rebecca Bradley to turn back the corrupt Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce stranglehold of justice the Republicans have taken during the Walker regime. We surely need to get the word out on other races. Political sea changes don’t happen overnight, but you have to fight to get it started.

    I’m sure all our Democratic Presidential contending candidates would agree.

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