Sanctuary Cities In Wisconsin.

Ok, if you have been paying attention to some of the shenanigans in the state assembly this past week or so, you saw that they passed a sanctuary city ordinance. What exactly does that mean? Well here check this out:

Wisconsin cities would face state financial sanctions if they block cops from asking people about their immigration status, under a GOP bill considered by lawmakers Wednesday.

The public packed a hearing room at the Capitol to testify on the bill by Rep. John Spiros (R-Marshfield) before the Assembly Committee on Urban and Local Affairs.

The bill comes amid a furious national debate over illegal immigration, spurred by both billionaire Donald Trump’s White House campaign and President Barack Obama’s attempt to overhaul federal policies without congressional action.

Is this really a burning issue in Marshfield? Or much of anywhere in Wisconsin? Who is really driving this and why?

Even the Walker administration cheerleading JSOnline has an issue with the distraction:

We’re not particular fans of local IDs or of the sanctuary city movement, by which communities adopt policies barring police from asking about the immigration status of those charged with crimes (although requiring police to check could drive undocumented workers further underground).

But these are ultimately local issues that should be hashed out in individual communities. Local authorities don’t need state legislators imposing their will on communities on non-state issues. The importance of local control been a mantra of Republicans for years. Someone like Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester), who came out of local government should certainly understand that.

Well it will be a moot point (or maybe not since the state GOP likes to change direction on a moments notice) as the state senate is unlikely to have time to take it up in the

A state bill to fine sanctuary cities for immigrants drew roars of protest Thursday, but it now appears set to die with a whimper.

An estimated 20,000 Latino and pro-immigrant demonstrators converged on the Capitol to protest the controversial legislation, which would impose financial penalties on local governments that block police from asking criminal defendants about their immigration status.

But a spokeswoman for Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau said GOP senators are unlikely to take up the proposal passed by their Republican colleagues in the Assembly.

“It’s not a high priority for any of our members,” Myranda Tanck said of AB 450.

The legislation was introduced in October but hasn’t even been discussed yet in meetings of the Senate Republican caucus — a bad sign for any bill at this point in the waning legislative session.

But back to how big a problem this really is. Here’s the list of sanctuary cities in Wisconsin…plus a county:


•Madison, WI (Congressional Research Service) Update: In June, 2010, the city council passed a resolution reaffirming its policy.

•Milwaukee, WI (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report citing Resolution 12-135)

•Milwaukee Co., WI (Added 6-10-12 Source article: County Board Resolution on Immigration on target, Opinion, Journal Sentinel News., 6-9-12)

Just the usual suspects…keep moving…nothing to see here!


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  1. The ole “we probably won’t get to it” tactic has become common practice for Republicans in Madison. Mark my words, the bill will end up on Walkers desk.

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