Chris Abele Is Getting Ripped Off

This will probably only interest the subset of readers who have run for office or got deep into running campaigns…but way at the bottom it does actually bring up an issue we should consider when voting on April 5th for County Executive. But on with the story:

Obviously as a political activist, former candidate for office, and habitual voter my house gets all of the local campaign literature that it’s entitled to in the mail. Makes for some interesting reading some days.

Now campaigns usually have consultants who create and order the literature for the campaign based on a database…pulling a list of addressees depending on the demographics that the candidate wants to reach. And generally the candidate pays per piece of literature.

Now an ethical contractor…or an efficient contractor…will consolidate the mailing list if more than one individual lives in a single household. Just today for instance, I received a mailed lit piece from each of the candidates for alderperson from my district. One piece from each candidate…and it was addressed to my wife and myself…that is what I would expect. The same thing happens when Chris Larson’s campaign for county executive sends lit to my home.

But not when his opponent, incumbent Chris Abele mails things. As many Milwaukee county residents know, County Exec Abele’s campaign has been overwhelming our mail boxes with literature throughout the campaign season. But instead of getting one piece in each mailing, both my wife and I get one. So I am suggesting that someone contracting with the campaign isn’t protecting their client by merging the mailing list or worse are padding their fees by just mailing to everyone individually. Or the campaign staff isn’t supervising the counts against the population and making sure they make sense. One less piece mailed to my house is one more outreach to another potential voter.

So, why should most of us care? Obviously County Executive Abele can afford to run the campaign that he his running and either doesn’t care about the cost or doesn’t care to oversee his campaign sufficiently to efficiently control costs. Does that attitude carry over to his style of governing Milwaukee County?


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3 thoughts on “Chris Abele Is Getting Ripped Off

    1. Fantastic insight into the mind of the oligarch. Having never *worked* for money, he has no sense of its human value. Workers exchange the time of their lives for money; so they are very careful about spending it–waste money, waste life.

      Beyond that, it reveals that Mr Abele hasn’t a sense of value for humanity either.

      You thought it a wonky piece. I see it as a keen look at the loss of humanity oligarchs suffer–and reason enough to reject him for public office. Wish I had known this in the last election. Jeff Stone was not a good candidate, but he was human.

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