Nothing to see here? Really?

The Washington Post published an exhaustive piece yesterday (3-27) about the ramped up FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private basement internet server, and the possibility that she and her staff committed crimes related to national security.
For many months now, democrats nationwide have been led to believe that this ” security review ” is not a big deal, rather, it’s little more than a right wing witch hunt. That is not, and never has been, true.

Chris Cillizza, the Washington Posts’s ” The Fix ” columnist, followed up the report with a piece of his own titled ” There are 147 FBI agents involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. ” Cillizza says in the piece that 147 is an ” eye popping ” number, and that even he didn’t realize just what a truly big deal this is.

This is a no win situation for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. If she’s indicted the damage is obvious: she’ll be running for president of the United States while under indictment by the US Dept. of Justice.

If she’s cleared of any criminal activity, the damage is still obvious: the right wing dark money ads will run 24/7 for months claiming she was given a pass by Obama’s Dept. of Justice. And it will look like she was, whether or not it’s true.

The most sane thing to do is for her supporters to urge Clinton to drop out of the race, for the good of the Democratic Party and the country.


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3 thoughts on “Nothing to see here? Really?

  1. While I understand your point totally, it is sad that if no charges are brought, Hillary Clinton is still paying the price of being guilty. Like the Enquirer hinting Ted Cruz is an adulterer, people are more than willing to believe the worst. Like Cruz wasn’t already the worst. Now, with the Pope saying Trump isn’t a Christian, you at least have the proof of an expert witness.

    1. Dan,

      Even in the event no charges are brought, you have what can only be described as a stunning lack of judgment on Clinton’s part. And when she says her predecessors did the same thing she’s clearly not telling the truth. To my knowledge, no previous secretary of state has ever setup a private internet server in the basement of their home and then conducted all their state business through that unsecure server. Four years worth. It’s mind boggling, but not as mind boggling as the willingness of Dems in general to give her a pass on this.

      This is political Kryptonite, whether or not her supporters want to admit it. To continue to vote for her as our candidate for the November general election is an enormous gamble. There’s no other way to put it.

  2. Hillary for Prison 2016

    Liberalism is selfish, wants to control every aspect of the underclass, and destructive to freedom.

    It must be defeated

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