WI GOP US Senate candidates can’t walk and chew gum at the same time?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as been rolling out snippets from both State Senator Leah Vukmir and businessman Kevin Nicholson every day as they continue to snipe at each other and try to gain an edge going into the primary next week. This morning while talking about tariffs…they jumped into immigration as well:

The Republicans also backed Trump on stopping illegal immigration, saying they wanted to build a border wall before talking about changes to the immigration system.

“We need a wall or an obstacle or whatever you want to call it to stop illegal immigration at the southern border,” Nicholson said.

Said Vukmir: “Until we have a commitment that we’re going to secure that border, I think it’s irresponsible to talk about all the other aspects.”

So apparently they can’t do two things at once…something that we kinda expect all of our elected officials to be able to do.

So no changes to immigration policy without a wall. A wall that pretty much seems unlikely to occur. And even if it does get underway, it will take years to complete. So in the meantime we can’t also come up with a 21st century approach to immigration? Really?

If candidates put forth their best ideas during their campaigns…there isn’t anything happening here!


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1 thought on “WI GOP US Senate candidates can’t walk and chew gum at the same time?

  1. I am hoping that State Senator Leah Vukmir loses in the primary election as she would be the tougher of the two candidates come November. Both of these GOP clowns are so scared to stand up and speak honestly about Trump I would not be surprised to learn neither even had the ability to cast a shadow. Truly deplorable candidates.

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