Our Back Pages: Franklin development

Just over a month ago I posted about Franklin’s opposition to new development in their fair city. It was the addition of senior housing to an already approved mixed use development that include a ball park, retail, hotel, and other housing. Their opposition was based on increased stress on emergency personnel. I accused them of ageism.

Well…the next chapter in Franklin development. Guess what? They are going to welcome a new subdivision with 69 homes on 46 acres. I am guessing that means 69 additional+ improvements to protect from fire, floods, vandals, etc…and at minimum 69 additional residents…but probably far more considering few homes have only a single resident.

“We’re thrilled to see our community expanding and thriving,” Mayor Steve Olson said in a statement. “Aspen Woods will add 69 homes to the city of Franklin. That’s more than $30 million being added to the city’s value. Veridian Homes has been a great business to work with, and I’m excited to see the neighborhood take shape.”

The subdivision is being zoned to include a park, two storm water retention ponds and wetland conservation features, the city said.

Homes are expected to range in size from approximately 2,000 square feet to 3,400 square feet. The starting prices are likely to be in the low $400,000s.

Not a word about stress on the police or fire department or emergency services? Nope…not a hint of concern. What do you think? Ageism? Not enough additional property value? Too much ‘density’? Gotta wonder sometimes.


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