Hillary Clinton’s angry response to a question on her donations from fossil fuel supporters (VIDEO)

Watch as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems to lose her cool at an activist who asked Clinton to pledge to turn down money from the fossil fuel industry.

“Regarding climate change, can we have your word that you’ll reject fossil fuel money in the future for your campaign?” The activist asked.

“I have money from people who work for fossil fuel companies,” Clinton retorted. “I am so sick, I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me. I’m sick of it.”

Here’s some video of Clinton’s exchange with the activist.

From the original article comes this bit of information about just how much money Hillary Clinton has received from folks associated with the fossil fuel industry.

The Annenberg Foundation, which runs FactCheck.org, cites figures from the Center for Responsive Politics that show the Clinton campaign has accepted over $160,000 from employees of fossil fuel companies. To put that in perspective, only Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz raised more money from the fossil fuel industry during the 2016 campaign cycle.

However, nearly all of the lobbyists hired by the Clinton campaign bundle campaign contributions that come from the fossil fuel industry, as noted by the Huffington Post. Greenpeace estimates that the Clinton campaign has bundled over $1.2 million with help from industry-affiliated lobbyists.

Furthermore, fossil fuel interests have donated about $3.25 million to the Priorities USA Action PAC, which supports Hillary Clinton. All told, Greenpeace estimates the total contributions from fossil fuel interests at $4.5 million.


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  1. Hillary Clinton is trying to change the subject by trying to make it as a dig on employees such as a pipe liner or a secretary, when it is about contributions by lobbyists. Bernie Sanders is really getting around Wisconsin and I think he has a good chance to win on Tuesday based on all the support I have scene. A lot of people I have talked to have said even if just 1 or 2 of his ideas get passed, people will be better off.

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