VIDEO: Donald Trump explains how close to his heart “7/11” is

Watch as Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump explains how close to his heart “7/11” is.

Obviously Trump misspoke in referring to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, but the fact that this moron is the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination speaks volumes about the base of the Republican Party.


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1 thought on “VIDEO: Donald Trump explains how close to his heart “7/11” is

  1. Is the “moron” more dangerous than the religious fanatic (Cruz)? Both have given rise to zombie factions of the Republican Party. The living dead needed a fresh dose of ignorance and intolerance to motivate them to go to the polls. My fear is a Trump has breathed new life into them and now that they are awake they will vote for anyone that isn’t a democrat. Let’s not forget how polling numbers spiked among republicans every time Sarah Palin said something stupid or with Mitt Romneys attacks on Mexicans. The more racist and hate filled the statement the more motivated the republican base becomes. As the brainless zombies are herded to the polls let us not forget… The only reason President Obama served two terms is because of the overwhelming turnout/supportive of African Americans. What is the African American motivation this time? Democrats should be very concerned the republican base is motivated. Hillary or even Bernie on their own isn’t enough. They better find their own motivator and they better find it NOW, NAACP and LGBT! Sorry, didn’t mean to forget the Latinos.

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