Julie Meyer to challenge Rep. Christine Sinicki because of Abele no-bid mental health facility?!?

Yesterday Julie Meyer, a middle school teacher, announced she’s going to be challenging incumbent Democratic State Rep. Christine Sinicki in the 20th Assembly district. Oddly enough, Meyer chose to announce her candidacy at a venue outside the 20th Assembly district (and at a meeting of a governmental body no less), but that’s not what really caught my eye about her press release.

Notably, Meyer’s press release neglected to mention if she’s running as a Democrat or a Republican, and it cited a very curious reason for her decision to run (emphasis added).

Julie Meyer, mother of three and middle school history teacher, lives across the street from the facility and has raised serious concerns about the company that have been ignored by the Milwaukee County Mental Health Board. Unsatisfied with the undemocratic decision-making process that has divided her community, Julie Meyer will announce her campaign to represent the 20th District in the Wisconsin State Assembly.

While I certainly give credit to anyone who wants to undertake a difficult task like running for office, I can’t help but wonder how Julie Meyer’s dissatisfaction with the placement of County Executive Chris Abele’s no-bid mental health facility in her neighborhood translates to a run against Christine Sinicki, who has opposed the facility on Uncas Avenue from the time it first began being discussed. Given Rep. Sinicki’s opposition to the facility in question, I’m not entirely sure why Julie Meyer felt the need to challenge her, but I suspect there’s more to this story, based on speculation I’ve heard and am attempting to confirm.


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1 thought on “Julie Meyer to challenge Rep. Christine Sinicki because of Abele no-bid mental health facility?!?

  1. I live in the 20th Assembly District and I’m concerned that Julie Meyer signs sit on the lawns of many known conservatives throughout the neighborhood — the same ones that sported Molly McGartland signs during the past couple contests. Ms. Meyer talks a good Democratic game but how would this be an improvement over Rep. Sinicki? Since Meyer didn’t decide on whether to run as a Democrat or Republican early on, I have a suspicion that she just ran where she thought she’d have a better chance of winning. If she gets into office, we may have a DINO just like Sheriff David Clark and another Republican rubber stamp in Madison, eager to please her donors. Why is the Democratic Party so stupid for letting things like this happen?

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