Shabby Real Estate Deals and M(B)illionaires!

This is absolutely one of the most bizarre letters to the editor I have seen in quite some time. Who is the billionaire in the room? Who is the epitome of shabby real estate deals? Donald Trump is the champion of the little guy? Go figure:

On Nov. 2, 1982, Bill Clinton was elected governor of Arkansas at a salary of $35,000 per year, four years after he and Hillary were involved in a shabby real estate deal with James and Susan McDougal’s Whitewater Development Corp.

Today, 34 years later, both Bill and Hillary are worth millions. Hillary says she is still fighting for the little guy. The ruling class is embracing the American dream; how is the little guy doing?

Is it any wonder the ruling class doesn’t want Donald Trump to end the gravy train? The train is overflowing with passengers who want to live the good life at the expense of everyone else.

Miles Dake

If the writer had said all of these things and then compared them to Sen. Bernie Sanders…well…it would have made some sense. But this?


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