500 Days of Sanford – Great Political Video

For political junkies and for Dem political candidates for Governor, take a look at this great video from the Palmetto State’s Democrat Dwight Drake for Governor attacking sad sack Governor Sanford with the “500 Days of Sanford”, a spoof on the recently released movie “500 Days of Summer.”


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8 thoughts on “500 Days of Sanford – Great Political Video

  1. It really is a great political ad. I’d love to know what agency and political consultants helped him with this one.

  2. I did not see the funny parts, sorry. Pretentious and overly dramatic possibly. Might be an age thing.

    1. Hi Partially
      I’m not sure how old you are, but you must be pretty young. I found the video very humorous and I’m 53.

  3. It was professional level production quality but the writing could’ve been done by a 5th grader.

    What a sad & pathetic situation – and talk about arrogance. I don’t know much about the state politics, but with the Lt. Governor offering to not run for the seat next year that’s a sticking point for other Republicans to pressure Sanford to step down. Thing is, like Blago, if the guy has crossed the deep end that far, he’s not going to listen to anybody, including his own party.

    1. No comment on the writing. It appealed to me, must be my fifth grade id.

      I’ve been fascinated by the whole political story in South Carolina. There is a melodramatic movie waiting to be made from this fascinating story.

      You have the attractive spurned wife (Jenny Sanford – now appearing in Vogue), the private schooled four young sons, the bombshell Argentinian girlfriend (the Governor’s soulmate), the juicy and poetic love e-mails, the Gay Lt Governor (see Blogactive for this story), the sanctimonious Governor with his moralistic bombast and insistence on being cheap in everything but his own pleasures, the right wing GOP dominated state that continues to play as if they are of the highest moral caliber, the C Street House connection to the halls of Washington political/religious power and a couple of other philandering politicians (Ensign, Pickering), the ostensibly straight Senator Linsday Graham ( a closet case if there ever was one), the Republican-dominated House of Representatives struggling with how to get rid of Sanford (impeachment anyone?) and on and on.

      I wonder who in Hollywood will play the leads?

    2. Yeah, it really is a sad situation, and his continued insistence on fighting through this certainly can’t be what’s best for his family.

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