Republican Echo Chamber in Action(Updated)!

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.
Mark Twain!

Mark Twain who lived in the 1800’s said this without even getting a chance to experience(lucky him) the right wing noise machine. The Republican Noise Machine turns Samuel Clemens into a prophet of the first order on a daily basis, and we recently had a shining example.

Former Minnesota Governor and Navy Seal Jesse Ventura, (say what you want about his quirks, his credentials are impeccable), recently fell victim to the echo chamber. A Navy Seal named Chris Kyle, claimed to have knocked out the former Governor for talking bad about the troops. This, like throwing a rare steak into a lions den, set off a right wing blogger and Fox news frenzy. Noted American bad asses like Bill O’ Reilly, Brian Kilmeade and Eric Bolling(amongst many others) jumped on the news and could not have been happier. In our very own cheddarsphere, noted BS artist and local right wing extreme blogger and paid Macgruber propagandist James Wigderson, took time away from the glow of the "its not really working" but that won't stop the “Americans For even more Koch brothers Prosperity” event in Mordor this weekend to “confirm” with glee that this event happened and in the exact words of Wiggy “One idiot down”.

I guess Wiggy and the rest of the right feels that we can only support soldiers and veterans who blindly support right wing causes. The problem though(Surprise, Surprise,Surprise) is that it just isn’t true. Mr. Ventura finally had a chance to put on his shoes!

As for the “confirmation” that James used for his source(which was a tweet), lets trump that with Mr. Ventura’s official facebook page:

Jesse Ventura – The Official Facebook Page
I would like to make it very clear that I am not on twitter. If you see a twitter account that is pretending to be me please help me by contacting twitter and asking them to take it down. Thank you so much for your vigilance and support.


There you have it folks a perfect example of the republican spin machine and how the facts just get in the way of their meme. You can also see how quickly Jim was to parrot the talking point, wonder if there was a bonus in there for him? I wonder if any of the town criers on the right will issue a retraction?

ED Note: Jimmy answered this (kind of but not really) on his own blog, I tried to have a discussion there with him regarding this post but once again Wiggy censored my reply. Apparently the pub is closed.

Here is my initial response that Jim refused to post:

My post had even less to do with Alex Jones than it did with you. It was just the perfect example of the republican noise machine, and how the truth does not matter to them if it can fit whatever narrative they are trying to push upon the American people. I used Alex Jones strictly because he is the person who actually talked to Jesse Ventura. Being the only person who talked to Ventura shows that as loony as he is, he is still more of a newsman than anyone on Faux. Then Fox is not really in it for the news are they?

As for Twitter as an impeccable source, why didnt I think of that? Here are a couple great ones I can start out with now:

1. in this first one ScattWalker was out shopping for vacuum cleaners with Rebecca Kleefisch:
Salesperson: “Lady, this vacuum will cut your work in half” — Kleefisch: “Great. I’ll take two of them.”

2. This second one is a blockbuster, not only can the Rat talk, he can also type and has a computer where he has access to twitter. O yeah he appears to be part of the sewer local in NY:

ScabbyTheRat Scabby The Rat
New @ AFLCIO: Aim High: A Strategy for Changing Times

I would also like to expand on it some more since JW is going unhinged about Alex Jones making an appearance in the post. Maybe I was subliminally trying to give Ron Paul a bump in the polls but Alex Jones means less to this story than Mike Ellis's sunglasses do to this story. The point is(and jimmy knows this) that this is a perfect micro example to a Macro problem. The republican echo chamber is so well organized and quick and without scruples or ethics that they control the debate. We need to understand exactly how little they care for the truth. I only added The Library and Pub site as an afterthought to show how the right wing noise machine is right here in our own backyard. For everyone to see that like Fox News and National republican pundits, Wiggy does not care about facts, or making our state great again, he cares about Wiggy. Gettng the most “likes” or “hits” are what matters and gets noticed, not an actual story filled with facts or research(Heck he is employed by Maciver Institute of all people) I rest my case.

Now to tie up a couple other loose ends.

1. So the folks at Blogging Blue, who apparently also believe pro wrestling is real, went ballistic.

Jimmy your making things up again, Pro wrestling was not mentioned (way to republican of a sport for me anymore), nor did anyone go ballistic. Sure I compared Waukesha to Mordor but that was funny to me. I will give you a pass on this one since what you all on the right find funny is shooting Wisconsinites and discussing the size of a womans booty, so obviously you don’t get funny!

2. Finally I found it funny that when Lisa tried to have a civil conversation with you, you ranted and raved and popped a chubby over Mark Belling paying attention to you. The problem here is prior to that, you so aptly described Mark Belling.

He is one of the most vile, disgusting media creatures out there. I would be ashamed to be associated with any website that promoted his conspiracy theories.

Since the Vile belling has proven to be racist, sexist and a flat out liar, i would not associate with him either.

PS: Jim you are not banned here(just a quick FYI).


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5 thoughts on “Republican Echo Chamber in Action(Updated)!

  1. I noticed Wigderson is bragging about having a column of his read on air by Mark Belling. Not sure I’d be proud to have something I wrote read on the air admiringly by a man who once used a racial slur to refer to folks of hispanic descent, but apparently Wigderson has different standards.

  2. Yes he hardly has the high ground here. I notice he also has not updated his post saying he made up the original Ventura story. I won’t hold my breath!

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