The Dignity of Ann Romney

I posted the other day, how the Rosen/Romney debate was a classic example of republican fake outrage. It turns out Mitt Romney agrees and really does not respect the work that Ann Romney did. H/T Huffington Post.

A story like this makes me pity Mitt Romney and his whole family. How can someone who truly stands for nothing and lives by the latest poll survive in society, much less risen to become the republican presidential nominee? How can Americans who truly care about their government and their country vote for Mitt Romney?

I am not sure what would be worse? A self serving opportunist who used her time in the spotlight to cash in on gullible Americans for ever last cent she can squeeze out of them like Sarah Palin OR a power hungry empty shell who only cares about having more and more power with no moral compas, ethic standards or true belief whatsoever in his being? My gusess is it is a lose lose proposition!

By the way Bill Maher had pretty much the same take as I did:


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