Trump Oblivious On Role of Secretary of State:

GOP presumptive candidate Donald Trump has said some pretty rash things about Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State. But he comes across as ignorant of the role of the Secretary of State and who exactly gets to call the shots!

In a speech at the Trump Soho in New York, the presumptive Republican nominee attacked Clinton’s record on foreign policy and trade, arguing that her decisions were made on self-interest and unduly influenced by foreign governments.

Trump also said Clinton had used bad political judgment in her four years as secretary of state, failing to stop the rise of Islamic State, keep strong sanctions on Iran or avoid chaos in Libya.

“Her decisions spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched,” Trump said.

He does realize that the Secretary of State serves at the pleasure of the president, right? And that the secretary certainly has input and influence in matters of state, but in the final analysis it’s the president who sets policy, right? And I bet in a ‘President Trump’ West Wing, the secretary would be on a pretty short leash. After all, he’s doesn’t need advisors on foreign policy, he’s got that pretty good brain!

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