If This Doesn’t Put Noah In the Classification as Fable:

A gentleman by the name of Ken Ham is having an ark built in Williamstown KY using the proportions and descriptions set down in the Bible. He hopes to bring the Bible story alive but if his efforts using moderns cranes and power tools and $100 million don’t suggest that Noah and his family couldn’t possibly have done this…I don’t know what will:

Ken Ham had the massive ship built to match the dimensions set out in the Bible. The entire project is expected to cost $100 million.

“The message that we have — it’s making the Bible come alive, really. By building Noah’s Ark, we’re saying, ‘This really happened. This is plausible,'” Ham told “Nightline.”

According to Ham, his ark is 510 feet long, 85 feet wide and 51 feet high. “It gets bigger and bigger. When you get inside, it gets bigger again,” he said.

And the $$ isn’t just out of Mr. Ham’s pocket…some tax dollars are involved as well:

Ham’s Noah’s Ark project took advantage of $18 million in tax benefits and tourism incentives.

The state of Kentucky attempted to block the project from receiving public funding, but Ham took his case to court and won. “Christians pay taxes in this world. We live in this world. We’re not second-class citizens. The federal judge rule in our favor,” he said.

Needless to say, I am not the only skeptic around:

“There’s a lot of people that scoff,” Ham said. “We get a lot of attacks by some of the aggressive secularists. Sometimes I feel a bit like Noah.”

But as we’ve seen, faith in the Bible doesn’t come cheap…$100 million to build this thing…wonder what that translates into Old Testament dollars? But Mr. Ham hopes to make it back on the wallets of true believers:

Admission to Ark Encounter will be $40 for adults and $28 for children, and Ham said he expects that fascination with Noah and his ark will result in 1 million to 2 million visitors in the first year.

But really, please watch the video. Could one man and his family, no matter how determined, build this with hand tools and their own wherewithal? Of course as Mr. Ham says in the video, we don’t know what Noah had.


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8 thoughts on “If This Doesn’t Put Noah In the Classification as Fable:

  1. “According to Ham, his ark is 510 feet long, 85 feet wide and 51 feet high. “It gets bigger and bigger. When you get inside, it gets bigger again,” he said”
    Well, obviously, the only logical explanation for this is – the ark is/was a TARDIS.

  2. Did Ken Ham build the ark in seven days per the Bible? If not, why not?

    Does he plan to stock it with all the animals? He could start with two cockroaches and continue on until the complete animal kingdom is present. Oh, I forgot– more than seven days have passed– he is out of time.

    1. I think you’re thinking of the Creation with the seven days thing. I don’t think the Bible actually lays out the timetable on which the Ark was built.

      Mixed feelings about something like this receiving public funds. It arguably is a tourist attraction, but at the same time, there’s definitely a religious line being crossed here.

      1. I believe the seven days in the Noah story from Genesis refers to the lead time that God gave Noah to load the Ark before the rains started…

        And this blog, which I don’t consider particularly important in the overall scheme of things, actually made the Daily Kos Progressive Blogs of the week…go figure.

        Got the heads up on the DK posting from one of our regular readers! Thanks!!

  3. The biblical account of Noah’s Ark and its current application vis a vis Mr. Ham’s effort also suggests to me a comparison to Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, also a Kentucky native, but who is delaying the “building” of our Supreme Court violating our Constitution and thus hindering its launching to his more favorable date or time without a Democratic reign.

    Let it rain, let it rain, let rain.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AG7v8jJKAOk


    1. I could imagine the outrage of my conservative relatives if the Democrats tried to pull this nonsense with the Supreme Court. People did decide with their votes, last election. Do they want to make it standard practice to obstruct governance until the elections fall just the way they want?

      1. It seems to me that Senator McConnell should be held accountable with recall, impeachment, or some legal action for his defiance or rejection of the U.S.Constitution.

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