This is how Donald Trump reaches out:

Donald Trump announced that he is having a Thursday morning meeting with African-American and Latino leaders from Queens NY. It’s part of his pivot to be more presidential and reach out to the minority communities. There is only one hitch…in outreach you usually show up at their place to hear about and learn about their experience…you don’t haul them up to Trump Tower!

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is planning a Thursday morning meeting with Latino and African-American activists at his Manhattan headquarters in Trump Tower. The activists are fellows from the Queens, N.Y., office of the Republican Leadership Initiative, a program designed to train young, diverse recruits to be campaign field operatives.

Multiple GOP sources confirmed plans for the meeting and characterized it as part of Trump’s outreach efforts in the African-American and Latino communities. While the initiative is not solely focused on training minority activists, a source said the Queens office of the program is in a predominantly African-American and Latino area and has attracted its participants from the community.

But here’s the kicker:

An email circulated earlier in the day Tuesday indicated that former U.S. Rep. Bob Turner, current chairman of the Queens County Republican Party, was helping to organize the event, which was initially set to take place in Queens. Turner told Yahoo News the event had subsequently shifted to Trump Tower and described it as part of Trump’s efforts to court Latino voters. (emphasis mine)

I guess this is sort of like his outreach to Milwaukee’s African-American community in his speech in 95+% white West Bend WI last week.


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