Three Less Fraudulent Voters to Identify!

Scroll down in this article:

By President Trump’s definition, his senior White House adviser, Steve Bannon, is apparently committing voter fraud.

So is his nominee to be the next Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin.

So, apparently, is one of his daughters, Tiffany Trump.

Mr. Trump was pretty broad with his definition of voter fraud when he took to Twitter Wednesday morning to request an investigation of the nefarious conduct of the 2016 electorate — with no evidence to support it.

So three down…


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1 thought on “Three Less Fraudulent Voters to Identify!

  1. Of course we should not forget that these statements from the predator-in-chief (sorry that I didn’t create that label) is the prequel for future and more harsh versions of voter suppression on the now all too familiar “Wisconsin Model,” of fascist oppression, nation-wide.

    (OT) It must really burn Scooter’s behind that Reince made it into the White House before him.

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