Election 2018: First Incumbent That Has To Go: Sheriff David Clarke

Assuming he is going to run for reelection, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has to go. So who do we get to run against him who has a major chance of beating him?


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7 thoughts on “Election 2018: First Incumbent That Has To Go: Sheriff David Clarke

  1. 80% of the people Dumb Dohnal has over at his place or in hus head, maybe. More like 80% disapproval outside the Bubble.

    And the first incumbent to be kicked out in 2018 is Supreme Court (in)Justice Michael Gableman, who was planted on the court through lies, racism and WMC bribe money. That no-talent hack is the first step to take back the state in April 2018

    1. Including, literally, a newborn baby.

      So much for pro-life huh? Once it exits the womb, life means nothing apparently to Sheriff David Clarke.

  2. It’s true that Clarke wins by a large margin all the time, but that’s mainly because the competition is anemic and not willing to engage in hyperbole and smash-mouth down and dirty campaigning in the trenches well ahead of time. It would be very do-able with the right candidate to face such a vulnerable and one dimensional incumbent.

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