Bart Simpson – Public Enemy #1

While this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Whatsoever to do with the Scott Walker prank phone call! SO do not even ask, because it is totally UNRELATED. Of course it also has absolutely nothing to do with job creation, deficit reduction or limiting government, but then again nothing the current batch of republicans has been!

In today’s Badger Herald:

Sen. Mary Lazich, R-Waukesha, and Rep. Mark Honadel, R-Milwaukee, authored a bill that would prohibit tricking the call’s recipient into believing the caller is someone they are not for malicious purposes.

“While use of spoofing is said to have some legitimate uses, it can also be used to frighten, harass and potentially defraud,” Lazich and Honadel said in an e-mail to legislators.

The bill language forbids a caller from intentionally providing a false phone number and convincing the person receiving the call that it comes from someone other than the actual caller.

The bill would make it illegal to defraud, cause harm or wrongfully obtain any information of value from using a caller identification service to transmit misleading or inaccurate caller identification information. It would also prohibit individuals from masking their voices or providing a fake phone number to the call recipient, said Jason Vick, spokesperson for Honadel.

Looks like Moe Slezak will be able to run his business in peace from now on. Thanks Mary Lazich!


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5 thoughts on “Bart Simpson – Public Enemy #1

  1. Does this apply to false or ironic named organizations like Americans for Prosperity, pro choice or Right to Work?

  2. Talk about killing the messenger!!!! Wouldn’t it be easier just hiring competent staff, not taking ego-boosting calls from out-of-state billionaires, or sounding like a self-promoting,insufferable dunce during a self-proclaimed “government crisis”.

  3. NO idea what your talking about Mort….because the walker crank call has nothing to do with this bill….purely coincidence…

    If you can’t trust mary lazich who can you trust really?

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