Governors Race 2018: Tim Cullen is In?

The Associated Press is reporting that former Wisconsin State Senator Tim Cullen (D – Janesville) is preparing a run for Wisconsin governor in 2018:

A retired Wisconsin state senator who was one of the 14 Democrats who fled to Illinois in an attempt to block Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-union legislation said Thursday he’s on track for a run to challenge the incumbent Republican.

Tim Cullen, of Janesville, has been traveling the state for months with the intent of running for governor in 2018. He has been the most public about his desire to run against Walker, although several other Democrats are also considering it.

Cullen, 73, told The Associated Press on Thursday “I don’t know” of any reason that would stop him from getting into the race at this point. Cullen said he was working on lining up the logistics of a campaign, including launching a website and hiring staff, so he could announce it sometime before the end of April.

other potential Democratic candidates mentioned in the article:

A number of other Democrats are also considering a run, but no one has officially announced. They include state U.S. Rep. Ron Kind, of La Crosse, Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, of Alma, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, state Rep. Dana Wachs, of Eau Claire, and Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ.

The race is on…Governor Walker has NOT officially announced yet…but all signs indicate he’s in.


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9 thoughts on “Governors Race 2018: Tim Cullen is In?

  1. It’s unfortunate that AP did not mention Bob Harlow on their list, especially since he has actually already declared his candidacy for the Wisconsin gubernatorial election in 2018. You should have pointed that out.

    1. A: I am not omniscient…Mr. Harlow has to let us know he is running.
      B: The article was about potential candidates in the Democratic primary…I don’t see Mr. Harlow mentioning a party affiliation other than his relationship with former Republican State Senator Schultz which seems to be in opposition to his support of President Obama’s campaign. ??

      He is certainly welcome to keep Blogging Blue in the loop via the contact us link on the website.

      1. A quick and simple Google search of “wisconsin gubernatorial election 2018” to check other sources against the AP article would have easily brought you these websites on the first results page which tell you that he has declared his candidacy for Governor, will be running on the Democratic ticket, and therefore will be a primary candidate:,_2018,_2018

        1. It seems that your gripe should be with the original quoted article and not with Blogging Blue. And with the candidate…I didn’t see the word Democratic or Democrat on the site you originally provided. And in case you failed to notice this is a blog site…meaning opinion…not journalism.

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