I don’t care what they are wearing!

No, I really don’t care what they are wearing…not Melania, not Ivanka, not the House Dem Woman, not the president. I care about what they say they are going to do and then what they do. Can we just cut out all of the diversionary conversations?


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3 thoughts on “I don’t care what they are wearing!

  1. I agree about Melania, Ivanka and the President. If you’re going to be offended that Michelle Obama was criticized for – OMG – showing her arms or offended that President Obama was criticized for taking off his suit jacket – then you can’t turn around and snipe at Trump Inc. for their fashion choices. Of course, pointing out the disconnect is not entirely out of line in the course of a larger conversation should the opportunity present itself. In other words, there’s a place for this discussion among grownups.
    As for the Dem women wearing white, that was a statement and meant to start discussion. I have no problem with a robust discussion on why Dem women were wearing the color of suffrage in 2017.

    1. Then apparently you’ve missed the meme showing the Dem ladies in one panel and bedsheeted members of the clan in the next. It’s pretty ugly out there.

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