Unhinged, I Tell You… They’re Coming Unhinged!

The TeaOP’s little world is crumbling and they’re not taking it well.  The force and determination of people to take their state back from the radical rightwing fringe nuts who’ve taken over is causing all kinds of agita among the “faithful.”  Take Kevin Stoll for instance… please!

According to WKOW, Mr. Stoll has taken it upon himself to challenge recall signers, people he does not know, on the phone and at night.

A Dane County resident named Michelle, who asked that her identity be kept private because Stoll had already obtained some of her personal information, characterized a call she received from him Nov. 25 as harassing.

“It’s 10:30 at night and there’s apparently somebody who knows where you live. It’s just a very unnerving and frightening feeling.”

Michelle said Stoll was a stranger to her, refused to identify himself and challenged her to defend her decision to sign a recall petition.

“When this person seemed to be getting a little bit hostile, I ended the phone call and immediately contacted the authorities.”

Another Dane County resident, who also requested anonymity, said Stoll called her home three times shortly after the 27 News broadcast. The resident said she refused to answer Stoll’s final call, but an answering machine recorded it.

Stoll got the names from a news report.  Nobody owes you a thing, Mr. Stoll.  You sir are a stalker by the very definition of the term.

Stalk: To (try to) follow or contact someone constantly, often resulting in harassment.

I suggest you seek immediate help from a licensed therapist, provided, of course, that you haven’t been thrown off your medical insurance like so many Wisconsin families have.


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6 thoughts on “Unhinged, I Tell You… They’re Coming Unhinged!

  1. Yup, these people are acting out like the children they are. They know in their heart the game is up, and now they’re on the 3rd step of handling that trauma- anger.

    Every one of these acts tells me we need to push harder, and if we do, they’ll crumble very fast. We always knew in our hearts that Walker and the WisGOPs are wimps who can dish it out but not take it, and they’re showing it more and more every day.

    1. Makes total sense they’re petulant children at heart. Because they’re the same ones who in kindergarten kicked, punched, and screamed when told they have to share the play-doh (a socialist demand if ever there was one).

  2. Considering the hour of the phone calls, it’s hard to believe that alcohol wasn’t involved. Perhaps his attorney can negotiate a treatment program as part of the plea deal.

  3. Don’t you pretty much have to be unhinged to be a Walker supporter in the first place? Now they’re just coming more unhinged. Let’s hope they don’t hurt themselves or anyone else. Nevertheless, there’s a part of me that’s enjoying their panic.

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