When Will Paul Ryan Get Tired of Defending Donald Trump?

This isn’t the first time I’ve questioned Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s continued support of then candidate and now President Donald Trump. During the campaign Rep. Ryan continually decried statements that the candidate made or walked them back or said they were actually very negative…but he never waivered in his actual support of Mr. Trump.

And now after the last eight days, Rep. Ryan continues to say he supports and trusts the president and asks us all to have patience and wait for the facts.

Now, I agree with Rep. Ryan. Before we jump to conclusions we do need to gather and examine all of the facts…but so far that’s pretty hard to do in all of the fog and smoke the president’s activities are throwing off. But waiting for the facts doesn’t mean sitting on the front portico of the Capitol and admiring the view…it means a thorough, complete and timely investigation. I haven’t heard any sense of urgency in any of the speaker’s pronouncements.

So instead of smirking from the podium, it’s time he pushed his Congressional majority to actually pursue the facts and do it now…

While the rest of us here at home need to support a candidate who can defeat Rep. Ryan in the Wisconsin First District in 2018.


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4 thoughts on “When Will Paul Ryan Get Tired of Defending Donald Trump?

  1. The Republicans keep saying Donald Trump is new to politics, inexperienced and not sure of the rules. He is the President of the United States and that is not a good enough excuse. He wasn’t their chosen candidate so what’s the big deal? Pence would become President and wouldn’t they be happy with that. His temper, ego and sporadic behavior is scary and has become an embarrassment to the United States.

  2. The answer is simple; Ryan will stop defending, apologizing for, or supporting Trump when the insurance industry tells him to do so and/or stops paying Ryan for his “services.”

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