At What Point Do Hearing Aids Become….Guns?

Remember the meme of the last few years? I like everything about Obamacare except the Obama part? Well it’s Deja Vu all over again to a point!

Senator Elizabeth Warren with the support of any number of senators including many from the GOP is putting forth a bill that would allow over the counter sales of hearing aids. Apparently only one in seven Americans with significant hearing loss can currently afford hearing aids. The rationale is expanded sales of hearing aids would lower the price and expand availability of the devices. Pretty common sense legislation. And certainly is supported by the GOP’s values toward a free market, private enterprise, and less government regulation core values. Right? You’d almost think so.

Needless to say the manufacturers and purveyors of hearing aids are opposed to the legislation since it would negate their monopoly and profit margins. But one of the other major opponents is the Gun Owners of America. The who? The Gun Owners of America! A Tea Party version of the NRA. Apparently allowing Walgreen’s, Walmart, CVS and Target the means to sell hearing aids to the near deaf is a violation of your second amendment rights. I kid you not. That’s the argument they are putting forth. Apparently some hunting enthusiasts purchase hearing enhancement devices to better hear their quarry and this would interfere with those purchases. It seems to me it would make those purchases more affordable with many more sources near at hand for the devices. So what the flock are they talking about.

Remember that except the Obama part? Well this comes down to opposing Senator Warren simply because she is Senator Warren…because she supports gun control legislation…and will be running for re-election in 2018…and is a potential Democratic candidate for president in 2020.

And you think that’s not the point? It’s exactly how they demonized Hillary Clinton well before 2016. It is directly the point…take her off at the knees before she can gain anymore traction for the future.

Corrections: 06/09/2017 Incorrectly identified the Gun Owners of America as the NRA.


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  1. Ed, it’s the Gun Owners of America, not the NRA. The GOA is a group that “fashions itself as a no-compromise alternative to the National Rifle Association”.

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